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Stolen Prey (2012)

Stolen Prey (2012)

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0399157689 (ISBN13: 9780399157684)
Putnam Adult

About book Stolen Prey (2012)

I had a little trouble keeping up my interest at the beginning of this story but the more I read the better it was. Towards the end I didn't want to put it down. Mainly, the story had to do with some computer people figuring out how to siphon off money from the drug cartel's money laundering accounts. Off course, the drug cartels are trying to find their money. The DEA, local cops, and Lucas Davenport are trying to find the money trail, the revenge murderers sent by the cartel, and the money thieves. This was a good story. Kind of complicated but good. As I've mentioned, I haven't read a John Sandford book for about 15 years and clearly much has happened.This took a while for me to get into but in the end I did really enjoy it. I remember Davenport being more of a loose cannon and thought the story focused too much on the crime and not enough on him.Some of the characterisations were too clichéd but I will be reading more of the series so it piqued my interest.

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Several sleepless nights reading this book. I really enjoy John Sandford's writing.

Another great addition to the Prey series. Loved it!

Another great read

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