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Stephen King's N. (2010)

Stephen King's N. (2010)

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0785134530 (ISBN13: 9780785134534)
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About book Stephen King's N. (2010)

This is the graphic version of one of Stephen King's short stories, "N." "N" is the abbreviation for the name of a patient who comes in to see a psychiatrist complaining of OCD-like symptoms that did not begin until after visiting a mysterious collection of stones on deserted farmland in rural Maine. The OCD symptoms worsen until the patient finds he can no longer live with himself. Unfortunately, the psychiatrist decides to visit the mysterious stones and finds himself similarly afflicted with OCD symptoms, as does everyone else who visits this farm. A great creepy story! I'd already read the story in just after sunset. It was a good story. Like most if not all of Steve's stories it's extremely difficult to put down. And when you do either for a break or just because you need to go back to work you're constantly thinking of what's going to happen next. Sometimes you can guess. His foreshadowing is pretty easy to spot and he leads you down these roads that you don't want to go but the curiosity (that may have killed the cat) grips you like a disease. I often think what would the world be like if Stephen King were not here to frighten us, make us laugh and even sometimes fall in love? It would be a very dismal world indeed. Thank you Stephen King for enhancing my life in ways I wouldn't have ever known.

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a nasty and unnerving Stephen King short story made into a pretty graphic novel.

Very good art work... And obviously a good story by Stephen King...

A ridiculous story paired with piss-poor, unimaginative artwork.

Creepy as hell.

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