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Stargazer (2009)

Stargazer (2009)

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Bianca goes to school at Evernight Academy. Bianca is a vampire-to-be, and her parents are both vampires. Vampires cannot have babies, so Bianca soon discovers the agreement made between the wraiths (ghosts) and her parents, so that she could be born. I found it interesting that the vampires are the body, while the wraiths are the spirit.At the Evernight Academy vampires are taught how to adapt to modern life and Bianca is trying to discover the reason why human students are allowed to attend this exclusive vampire academy.Balthazar and Bianca pretend to have a relationship so that Bianca can sneak away from the Academy to meet Lucas, who is a vampire hunter and a member of Black Cross.Bianca meets Charity and although Bianca feels at first that she can trust Charity, this is soon proved wrong and Charity deceives both her and Balthazar.I loved Balthazar and felt that he honestly loved Bianca, so I was very disappointed when it ended it way it did. Was there even an end?I did not read Evernight and I started this series with Stargazer. Although I enjoyed reading the story, when the story ended (or are to be continued) I was seriously put off when the question, What would happen if Bianca decides not to become a vampire by killing someone? was not answered. I can honestly say that I hate it when questions remain unanswered, books in a series should be able to stand on their own. Other than this niggly bit - it was a very nice read!! That was a complete waste of paper. These stories don't even seem to have a freakin plot! It's just a unnecessary love triangle, vampires (okay twilight and Vampire academy were pretty good but if you're not Stephanie Meyer or Richelle Mead, just stop. Please), weak female lead role (and male). I think that the worst thing is that she's infatuated with Lucas NOT IN LOVE there's a difference. Okay no more rant, enjoy this book (unlikely as it is) and have a nice day.

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superior al primero, creo que esta saga se esta poniendo cada vez mas interesante


I love this book!!!


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