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Spoken From The Heart (2010)

Spoken from the Heart (2010)

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1439195617 (ISBN13: 9781439195611)
Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

About book Spoken From The Heart (2010)

After reading American Wife, I may have become a little obsessed with Laura Bush. Specifically, I wanted to know what was true in the fictionalized American Wife. I listened to the audiobook and enjoyed listening to Mrs. Bush talk about her life before George and the events that happened when they were in the White House. I am disappointed that Audible only had the abridged version, but I enjoyed what I heard. I needed to read this book so I could forget the images I had about Laura Bush from the horrendous "American Wife" that I read. In that aspect, this book fulfilled that need. The first part of this book was enjoyable. I felt like I was sitting at my kitchen table having a personal conversation (a very enjoyable one) with the former first lady, listening to stories about her early life. Once we got past that and into her life in the White House, things got ho-hum boring and I found myself skipping passages and even pages. She was mostly re-hashing things we already knew. I was looking for a more personal insight into the life of a President's wife. The few that I got were satisfying and heart-warming but there were way too few many of those moments. If you want to read, in detail, about her visits with the Afghan women or the children with AIDS in Africa then this book will be for you. But if you are looking for an intimate look into the life of the President's wife......look elsewhere.

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I liked it. i learned a lot about the role of a first lady. also read about lady bird johnson too.

I enjoyed the writing. At times it felt a little too political though.

Loved reading about Laura's life in her own words. A good read.

This is the best autobiography I have ever read.

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