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Spanish Serenade (1994)

Spanish Serenade (1994)

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0449146030 (ISBN13: 9780449146033)
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Ooops, almost left this one unreviewed. It's been a week or more since I finished, so memory fails. But that's why we have book jackets to remind us :)3.5 starsThis is a bit different from Ms. Blake's usual southern romances, where most of them are French/Creole, our hero and heroine are Spanish and events in Louisiana and Tejas take place under Spanish rule. This book begins in Spain, with a heroine in peril due to her evil stepfather who has stolen what she should have inherited from her mother and he's going to lock her up in a nunnery. Elene enlists the help of a notorious bandit to steal the gold back things don't always go according to plan and of course we need to keep the pair together so that they can fall in love (this being a romance and all). I won't go into details of the story itself, but our pair's adventure and takes them on the high seas, dodging robbers and Indians, snakes and plenty of heroic actions, sword fights and derring-do.I do like Blake a lot, and while this had plenty of action and surprises, for some reason I didn't warm up to this pair and their chemistry as much as I've done in her other books. For that reason and for the numerous typos I suspect came from converting the original to digital, I'm dropping the rating a half-star. I obtained my Kindle copy about two years ago, and perhaps those typos have been spotted and corrected.

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