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Soup Night: Recipes For Creating Community Around A Pot Of Soup (2013)

Soup Night: Recipes for Creating Community Around a Pot of Soup (2013)

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About book Soup Night: Recipes For Creating Community Around A Pot Of Soup (2013)

It's October, colorful leaves float to the frost covered lawn, time to warm heart and soul with soup. As the first snowflakes flutter past the kitchen window I'm compelled to pull out the soup pot. It's time for comforting and nourishing homemade soup and bread. "Soup Night: Recipes for Creating Community Around a Pot of Soup" inspires not just with recipes but with the idea of building connections with neighbors, co-workers, and family members during informal gatherings while sharing bowls of homemade soup.When I started this book I thought I was only interested in the cookbook aspect but before finishing I was thinking of the potential of "Soup Nights" in my life. Author Maggie Stuckey shares the stories of groups around the country who've used the concept to build a sense of community and neighborhoods where families know, interact and care about one another. Included are helpful hints on organizing and perpetuating the "Soup Night" idea. The recipes are from actually "Soup Night" participants and ones that have proven popular with guests. Each includes hints on making ahead and adjusting the recipe for larger batches. These are recipes within the range of the average home cook, not exotic ones with dozens of speciality ingredients. As I bookmarked dozens of the recipes I appreciated that most of the recipes are simply named; just by seeing the title you have a good idea as to what this soup is. The book is organized by seasons - taking advantage of fresh, seasonal ingredients and holiday themes. Think pots butternut squash and black bean soups for October/Halloween, Grannies Gumbo for Mardi Gras, or a summertime chilled Strawberry Gazpacho. This is definitely a cookbook worthy of finding a home on my overcrowded shelves and one that will soon have sticky-note comments on newly tested recipes.And, just maybe there'll be a regular "Soup Night" gathering in my kitchen.This ARC title was provided by Storey Publishing and New Galley in exchange for an honest review. The book was released Oct, 2, 2013 and is available in paperback and ebook formats.

I received this book as an ARC through Netgalley, courtesy of Storey Publishing. I read it last summer. But I wanted to actually try some of the recipes, so I got it out and read it again. Here's a little background on me and cooking. I love to cook. I have things I like to eat and I work recipes I find for them until they seem right to me. I try hard to make the recipe as is the first time and then the tinkering begins. Sometimes I can't wait and tinker immediately. Soup is great for this, a very forgiving medium for experimenting. I moved about 2 years ago and whittled down my cookbooks from 600+ to about 150. I still have all my Bon Appetit magazines from 1983 forward.So I loved this book in so many ways. The concept is excellent. I have wanted to do something like this since I went to college. I wasn't thinking just soup but that is a great way to do it. It has a structure and plan to it, for getting people together to eat and building community. The color photos are beautiful. The recipes are great with suggestions for options, make ahead or storage or doubling/tripling hints. And then there are the stories, of all the people having soup nights, their experience, suggestions and precious communities they built. I would say this is a book I need to own, even tho I am trying hard to cut down my collection. :)

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Besides the delightful idea (with tips) of organizing a soup night with your neighbors, I very much enjoyed the recipes. There are the classics but there are also good, cheap variations on them (there's clam chowder but also, mussel chowder). The recipes focus on frugality and ease so that it's no chore to make soup for more than 10 people and so rarely have more than 4 steps. Each slightly meaty recipe reminds you that it's easy to make them vegetarian and notes which are good for larger crowds and which have steps you can do ahead of time. Very useful for the cook

Soup Night by Maggie Stuckey has so much more to offer than just recipes. It starts out with a great reference of cooking terms and little tips on how to make your cooking experience easier. It's also conveniently set up by seasons. Looking for a great fall soup turn to the fall soups section. See how that works?I am the first to admit I am not anyone's opinion of a cook. That's one of the reasons I was so excited to try this book. Some of the recipes were a bit complicated looking and required a few more steps than I'm used to, but overall very doable. Make sure you have a blender! Who would've thought that a blender would be so important to making soup? I highly recommend the butternut squash soup. So good! The cheeseburger soup was also very tasty. I can not wait to try more of these recipes as the weather is turning cooler. This book was provided to me by in exchange for my honest review.
—Tina "coffee and books"

This book has inspired me. What a genius idea, building supportive community relationships by organizing ‘soup night’ get-togethers. Who knew that soup could be so soulful. The basic concept of neighborhood soup night is the same. A host provides a big pot or two of soup, some bread and/or salad and drinks. The guests bring their own bowls/spoons. No stress, very little clean-up.The author first learned about the ‘soup night’ concept from her niece and formed her own monthly soup night, inviting every one of her neighbors, young and old. It became a hugely successful and enduring neighborhood event. Interspersed with the recipes, Maggie shares heartwarming, inspiring and at times unusual soup night stories from around the U.S. The book is filled to the brim with not only the main stars – soups that are organized by Season (99 of them), but also 40 bread and salad recipes. It is marvelous. The soup photos are beautiful and there are well-placed tips at the end of each recipe. The first recipes I made from this book I was drawn to due to their unusual names - Granny Smith sweet potato soup and Havana banana black bean soup. Both were delicious. Directions are easy to follow, ingredients readily available. I can see this same principle being carried over to bunco groups, book clubs and in other social group situations.

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