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Softly At Sunrise (2012)

Softly at Sunrise (2012)

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Maya Banks

About book Softly At Sunrise (2012)

This was a great ending for Rachel and Ethan, a much needed wrap up, even though we have seen them briefly through other installments of this series. I really enjoyed the story and had I read it, it would have likely been a 4 star read at least. The terrible narration for this bumped it down to a 3 star, however, and I am truly disappointed that this was considered the best replacement for what I was understand was a great narrator previously. (This is my first audio by this narrator and he was awful!).May have to abandon the audio and return to reading this series! Softly at Sunrise, released on August 21, 2012.sThis part of the family saga is about Rachel. She's returned to the family fold, living in the house with Ethan they had shared before she got kidnapped. The boys had rescued her and she's still missing pieces of her memory. She did recall losing the baby and found the divorce papersShe is back to work now, teaching children and her and Ethan are moving to a new house. She fears she pregnant...Hot steamy sex scenes. Rachel takes on a troubled teen during lunch with extra help as her parents are going through a divorce.Action packed scenes as the father of the girl goes to school and makes his demands known with a gun...Excerpt of shades of gray is included at the end.

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A nice little addition to the series, it was good to catch up with Ethan and Rachel again

Fantastic follow up to their story....loving this series.

a really sweet short story ....



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