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Sociopath (2000)

Sociopath (2000)

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About book Sociopath (2000)

This is a very dark book and not a love story so much as to very messed up people and their obsession with each other.Aeron is a sociopath who grew up with a sociopath mother who encouraged his lack of feeling throughout his life. He has a fetish for cutting women (deeply and intimately) for sexy al pleasure. He ultimately brings about his mother's death and gains custody of his toddler brother. He pays off people for alibis and this leads to his association with Leo.I did not like the ending which is why I only gave 3 stars. I had a lot of unanswered questions. Sometimes i am in the mood for something that is just this one...but unfortunately i have mixed feelings about it. The pov of Aeron Lore...wasn't as cold of a character as i thought he could be...and i wasn't feeling these things he had for Leontine at first...because i could not wrap my head around why a beautiful, brilliant, Harvard educated woman would be reduce to an incoherent pain doll when around Aeron. I get that she is hiding all these dark desires inside her...but come on...her pitiful attempt to be an independent and self assured woman was poorly portrayed here. I would have wanted to read how she doesn't have such smudgy eyes, and she just sounds all over the place seeing though Aeron's eyes. But then that is how he views her. I like it though that towards the end there was unexpected twist about Leontine and bout aher past and about another character from Aeron's past that also collides with his present. Aeron's kinky fetish is making me squimish...i haven't read a lot of books that involves this kind edge play, so at times i mentally wince when he does this thing with her. In the end like calls to like...and Aeron and Leon does sound they are made for each the most F*cked up way they can be.

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This book certainly did a great job of blowing my own damn mind. Left me wide awake and bothered.

No!- crazy-strange-disgusting-confusing-worst book-

Couldn't finish it.


3.5 stars :D

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