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Sloppy Firsts (2001)

Sloppy Firsts (2001)

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Three Rivers Press

About book Sloppy Firsts (2001)

I really like this series. It is a cute high school story so far, but with the amount of books and how quick it progresses it must later leak into post-high school life. Anyways it is a great series with some very lovable characters. I am quite a fan of Marcus Flutie (read the book and you will understand my love!) and the main character Jessica Darling (no I don't just love her because we share a first name)is an awesome female lead. She is funny and when she writes her thoughts I am that much more in love with her. SLOPPY FIRSTS is a great novel which I enjoyed reading very much. The narrator is Jessica Darling, a high schooler, who goes through many experiences and learns a lot along the way. What is Jessica to do when her best friend has just moved away, her dad obsesses over her high school track career, and her mom is too involved with her older sister's wedding to help her other daughter? Jessica must learn how to deal with all these things while tackling other problems which come her way, including her shallow friends, her relationship with one of her guy friends, and bad boy Marcus.I found that SLOPPY FIRSTS told everything like it is. It reminded me of all of the problems that normal teens go through everyday. Jessica's experiences with friends, boys, and parents really sounded like an account of any teenage girl living in America today. It also dealt with many different issues at once, so that every part of the book was interesting. I couldn't stop reading it. There were so many situations where you wished something would happen and you had to keep reading to see what actually WOULD happen. In fact, I tried to put a limit on what I could read every day (needless to say, it didn't work because I finished the book in 2 days). I just found the whole book very interesting, and thought that the way it was told was very funny. I loved how Jessica was so sarcastic and comical with the way she described everything. This is a great book!

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Cute read. Teen angst at it's best. Megan sure brings the feels. Looking forward to the next one.

It was actually pretty funny and insightful.

Bacaan waktu SMP. I gave up at book two.

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