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Skating Sensation (2012)

Skating Sensation (2012)

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085707685X (ISBN13: 9780857076854)
Simon & Schuster UK

About book Skating Sensation (2012)

This book is about Nikki Maxwell, a not so popular girl at school. With the ice skating contest coming up at her school, she must find a source to raise money for. Her crush Brandon's animal shelter that he works at ends up being her company to raise money for. This ends up resulting in drama and humor.I would not recommend this to a non girly girl. I was not the hugest on this book because I am not the biggest girly girl. If you like middle school humor and drama this is the right book for you. I gave this book a three star because even though i liked it a lot was not my favorite. I read almost all the books of the Dork Diaries series and I have to admit, I'm starting to get over it.I like the author's sense of humor but I can't seem to understand WHY Nikki had to be this whiny? I mean, sure, many things in this world could annoy you the hell off but does she have to whine about every single thing? She says she hates "shallow, self-centered girls" -- but, isn't she one?I'm sorry Rachel Renee Russel. I like your books but after re-reading it over and over again, I can't help but say that Nikki isn't such a good role model to look at. Aside from the fact that she told me to stand up against my bullies, she didn't teach me any other lesson at all.And seriously, I know middle school subjects are SO hard ... but NO ONE is that stupid. I have a friend who is technically not good at Math or Science but, unlike Nikki, she tries to keep up with her grades. Nikki is more focused on her lovelife, her 'popularity' status, MacKenzie's wrath, her embarrassing, sulking over these and such.And as for her friends, Chloe and Zoey, I know some people could be very, very weird but ... THAT WEIRD!!! Really?? They have such over-the-edge ideas and I don't think that they think much of the consequences. I like it when they stoop up for Nikki and are always there for her even is she screwed up most of the time but is it necessary for them to be that weird.As for Nikki's love interest, Brandon, isn't it a little bit predictable? A mean girl and a good girl both have a crush on the same guy and the good girl gets the guy. It's a little bit overused, isn't it? Also, what does Nikki and Brandon have in common that attracts them together? They're both dorks but what else? Nothing.MacKenzie is a witch! There's no doubt about that. But even if some people are that vain or that mean, I still can't understand HOW could MacKenzie keep her 'center of anger' at Nikki and her gang. I mean, if you'll look closely at Nikki's group, they're obviously not the biggest losers on school. And when I read the part where MacKenzie started acting like a witch to Nikki (when Nikki opened her friend's invitation), can't MacKenzie at least have the common sense to see that it was purely an accident? No!! And she hold that grudge over Nikki for a long long time!! Aside from that, MacKenzie is OVER-ENDEMONIZED!!!! For every book, who is the antagonist? MacKenzie. Anyone else? Nope. Just MacKenzie.The ultimate plotline of the series? Nikki will become popular and get what she wants in the end. Nah!!! Nope!! Not good enough for me!!!Sorry, author, I used to be a fan but Dork Diaries has that many loopholes.

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