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Site Unseen (2002)

Site Unseen (2002)

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0380819546 (ISBN13: 9780380819546)

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Style irritated in places and reduced enjoyment. The plots are excellent, there is great flow, and action! The background of a married archaeology professor is unique. Most characters are full-dimensional. We understand how the elder property owner became her best friend, feel the notoriety of her Grandfather's reputation in the field, there is a workplace nemesis, and a privileged student who frustrates her. Ms. Cameron knows a student's demeanour well! I love her description of one who dismisses her talent. I easily picture a clean, textbook-perfect digging cell and concentrated, careful brushing. The implications of the site's age are interesting too.Focusing on physicality like a whistle to students, bugged me beyond belief. Please just call the students; don't detail doing it! As I recall, it took 2 1/2 pages to discuss a shower. I understand the protagonist was dusty and weary. But for an over-emphasized scene, it lacked clarity as well. We think this shower is in progress. After some paragraphs, we find the character still hasn't stepped in! Then we sit through a monologue about how the water feels. Describe the relief of the water stream but leave it at that.A beef with authors is the cliché of being desperate for coffee! Dana over-states this cliché second to none and continues mentioning it. Relationships are well developed but the image of the protagonist is flat. We are told she is tired and dirty so exclusively, there is scarcely information to form a picture except of unattractiveness and groaning. Finally, I admit this impression is trite but the cover portrait exudes a more eerie, or other-worldly story than it is. Do try the novel; maybe the sequels improved.

This is the first novel in the series of mysteries regarding archaelogist Emma Fielding.Workign on an archaelogical site dating back from the 1700's , Emma also discovers something else--a very modern corpse. When a second body turns up, Emma must solve a real life puzzle.I did like this book; but the pacing was uneven. Parts were very good; aprts really dragged. Also, I learned at little more about archaelogy than I wanted or needed to.When we do get to the final confrontation, it is well written--but it seems to take a while getting there.That said, this is only a first novel and I really hate to give two stars---but I did. However, I notice three more have been published in this series, so perhaps they improved with practice--or others liked them better tan I.Worth a try for the average mystery reader but nothing outstanding about this either.

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I have to create another subgenre of mysteries that I'd like to call "anthropologists/archaeologists in distress," joining the genre of "lawyers in distress." There was one scene in this book that reminded me powerfully of the gothics of the mid-twentieth century where the nightgown clad heroine flees in terror from an ancient brooding castle/manor. This time the heroine is sans nightgown and the brooding building is an academic building.Emma Fielding, granddaughter of a famed archaeologist, is a junior faculty member at a college in Maine working an archaeological dig on the property of a dear family friend. She believes she's discovered a European settlement that predates Jamestown. As the dig progresses sucessfully, she discovers a body washed up from the river and then a violent pothunter confronts her. As the dig progresses, the mystery and violence also accelerates hitting sadly close to home. Meanwhile back at the college, the politics intensify and her reputation hangs in the balance. With an exciting finish and discovery, this series promises the return of the villain and the continuing story of Emma's career and rather inept detection work. She also qualifies for another of my subgenre, "one beat up woman detective."She's likeable, and smart. The story is good and while it could use some improvement, it's clever and interesting.

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