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Si No Despierto (2010)

Si no despierto (2010)

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Amo cuando pasan cosas como lo que me ocurrió con este libro, no tienes tiempo de ponerte con un libro que de verdad estas esperando leer porque no quieres que consuma todo tu tiempo así que tomas uno al azar lo comienzas y esperas leerlo tranquilamente y sin esperar nada grande y termina sorprendiendote... bueno eso es lo que Before I Fall me hizo atravesar.Al principio pensé que sería frustrante el hecho de que se repitan una y otra vez los acontecimientos pero llega un punto en el que te acostumbras y hasta estás con la incógnita de que va a cambiar esta vez, vemos como Samantha va evolucionando enormemente en cada página y descubriendo poco a poco que es lo que tiene que hacer.Los personajes se me hicieron muy reales, al ser una historia de este tipo llegas a conocerlos bien y se terminan convirtiendo en conocidos para ti, todos sus defectos y virtudes se exponen, es cuestión personal por quien terminas teniendo afinidad o aversión y si los comprendes o no.Siento que es una historia con mensaje y el que yo capte fue: tus decisiones moldean tu futuro así que debes decidir correctamente porque no se puede retroceder el tiempo y aprovecha hasta el detalle mas trivial de tu vida y no esperes hasta perderlos para darte cuenta de lo mucho que los amas.Le iba a dar 3 estrellas pero paso algo que hizo que se mereciera las 4 y es ESE FINAL! esta demás decir que no me lo esperé, pensé que tendría el típico final de este tipo de historias pero no, fue muy... ni siquiera sé que palabra podría usar, solo sé que wow Lauren Oliver lo hace otra vez. P.D si quieren saber mas o menos el tipo de trama que hallaran aquí vean el vídeo de la canción Who I am Hates Who I've been de Relient K, muy parecido. "Before I Fall" is a very interesting book. I've never read anything like it before and it fascinated me. This book made me want to keep reading to see what would come next, and it had me on the edge of my seat.This book starts out a normal winter day. Samantha Kingston is heading to school on her favorite day with her best friends. Her favorite day is Cupid Day and she always wears matching outfits with Lindsey, Elody, and Ally. Throughout the day, all these little things happen that Sam doesn't think matters all that much, and she gets tons of roses for Cupid Day. Kent comes up to her, gives her this beautiful rose, and invites her to a party that he's having later that night. She takes out her phone to text her friends right away even though she thinks Kent is weird. She continues with her day and then goes to the party later on. That's when tragedy strikes. When leaving the party, Sam, Lindsey, Ally, and Elody end up getting into a car accident. The next day, Sam wakes up on February 12th- the same day. Sam thinks that it's just a dream and she goes through the whole day with a high level of stress. When it comes time to go to the party at Kent's, she's freaking out. Once again, the same girls got into a car accident. Sam wakes up on February 12th yet again. This happens continuously. Sam thinks that she has to do something to save someone to save herself, and she realizes that someone is Juliet Sykes. She failed trying to save her about two times. On the seventh repeated day, Sam accepts her death and ends up throwing herself in front of a car to save Juliet. The book ends with you wondering what happened.The main character of this book is Samantha Kingston. Sam thinks that she can get away with anything and everything. She was very shy when she was younger, but when she met her best friend, Lindsey, she became very outgoing. Lindsey is very outgoing and crazy. She'll never back down when she's being challenged. Elody is very fun and someone you could never be upset when she's around. She's happy all the time and tries to make other people happy as well. The minor characters of this book are Juliet Sykes and Kent McFuller. Juliet is an outsider and people refer to her as "Psycho." She's very quiet, shy, and doesn't have any friends. Kent used to be best friends with Sam when they were younger but Sam thinks that she is too good for him. Later into the book, Sam realizes that she's in love with him. This book takes place in a small town called Ridgeview on February 12th. You get to learn a lot about her school throughout the seven times the days repeat. Sam realizes that you might be friends with someone just because you see them everyday. The popular kids are all snobby and they think that they can do whatever they want. She realizes that there are actually people she gets along with when she spends a day separated from her best friends. I recommend this book to any high school girl or boy. This book can relate on so many levels. It goes through all those stupid little things you think matter so much in high school but they actually don't matter at all. It was hilarious in some parts and it made you want to keep reading to see what happens.

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Wow an unexpected and incredible finale ..... it makes you react about a lot of things

This book was so good. I wish that it had not ended the way that it had.

Loved it. What a writer.

life changing

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