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Shine Shine Shine (2012)

Shine Shine Shine (2012)

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1250007070 (ISBN13: 9781250007070)
St. Martin's Press

About book Shine Shine Shine (2012)

A wonderful book full of outstanding ideas and subject matter (such as, Asperger's syndrome/autism, what is real Love, who are the real people or what is being real?, being different, dysfunctional parents and a little science fiction) as played out by unique characters. Yet, a 5 star and a 1 star equal a 3 star rating. I wish it would have taken these ideas/subjects and spent more time connecting and expounding on the multiple wonderful situations that were introduced and developed them instead of wasting so much space on cliché descriptions of selected activities. I'm finally logging my summer reads onto Goodreads...which is kind of sad considering that I read less this summer than all year, and summer is supposed to be the time of lots of reading! Anyway, I enjoyed this book but wasn't in love with it. The writing was great and the characters, though weird at first, were very sweet together as the reader learned about their backgrounds and how the bond between them was formed.

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It wasn't bad -- but wasn't good. Very lackluster. It could have ended so much better.

I did not like the ending!

Not very interesting

3.5 stars

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