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Shades Of Earth (2013)

Shades of Earth (2013)

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1595143998 (ISBN13: 9781595143990)

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"Finally at home,but is this a safe place to stay?" This last book,in my opinion,is really off the chain! Centauri-Earth seems a good new place where to live in,without those pteros of course,but something isn't going well. Chris and Amy's dad lying about the truth of this natural,untouched and beautiful planet. Elder seems to be dead(but he's not!!!); Amy has been turned into a new genetic form but she's still her; Elder comes back to Amy.Again, the best book of ever! This is whit no doubt a 5 star book. Our you know what how about 6 stars. Or frexing 8 stars (see what I did there) In fact I want to give this book all the stars in the hole universe. But I'm going to be honest whit you guys I only care about two stars And their names is elder and Amy. Well this book was an emotional ride. In the ending I think I cried like four times and one more the last three pages. It was like a water fall of sorrow and then an exactly as big water fall of joy. Here is some quotes that touched me very much through out the book. "What is in our hearts is real whether we name it or let it exist only in darkness and silence" "But death doesn't work like that. It doesn't care if someone loves you, doesn't want you to go. It just takes. It takes and it takes until eventually you have nothing left.""I would trade all the stars in the universe if I could just have him back again."

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Ultimo libro di una serie molto bella mai conclusa in Italia...Ho seriamente temuto per Elder

Perfect ending to the trilogy.Not to mention the ABSOLUTE OBLITERATION OF FEELS.

Miles better than its predecessors. The ending brought me to heaven.

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