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Sever (2013)

Sever (2013)

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About book Sever (2013)

So I started this book and after reading the first two in a weekend I was very excited to see the ending of this trilogy. Wither captured my attention completely and I fell in love with Rhines world. The first book was amazing and reading into the second one I realized I didn't completely understand where the plot was going. A random prostitution circus? Traveling to New York by bus? Being taken back to Florida by Vaughn so easily? But this isn't a review for Fever but Sever so let me get started.When I started the book I had high expectations, meeting Rhines brother who we've heard and learned to love in the past two books, and finally finding out if there is a cute and a way to save the world. However I was greatly disappointed. We start off with Rhine the main protagonist who starts out with a strong suit still intent on finding her brother. My first question is, why is she so intent on finding her brother? From the start I don't think her love for her brother would have made her make the decisions that she did. She had Linden in the palm of her hand, she could of just asked to go see him and bring him back, but she risks running away and ends up back where she started. One annoying part of the book I found was how Rhine as our narrator or kept repeating everything that happened to Jenna Cecily and her by the hand of Vaughn. It was like she didn't know how else to fill up the book so she said the same thing over and over again. Truth be told it was getting annoying. Throughout the book Rhine learns the truth about Vaughn and his intentions. This left me confused about how we are suppose to feel about Vaughn. Is he a helpful doctor? A madman? Do we hate him? Appreciate him? Sympathize with him? I mean he did end up saving everyone at the end. And then there's Rowan. Finally we meet him after Rhine keeps on talking ad talking about him and he has such a small part in the third point it left me so disappointed. And then there's Gabriel, who is mentioned in the last part of the book and only a few times. What even was his purpose in this book? It never fully said Rhine was in love with him or that they even were lovers. And then a linden. He dies suddenly and it felt like it just made the book more depressing. We don't even know why he died it was never fully explained. And then Hawaii. Like what. That raised more questions than anything. How did the state survive? How did it never hear of the cure? are they even cured? Why haven't they helped the country? What is the purpose of Hawaii????? Overall the ending book left more questions than answers and my mind hurt at the end trying to comprehend everything that happened. I think Lauren Destafano is an amazing writing but I just wish this book was written a little better or the plot a little more though out. Such a bittersweet ending to this trilogy. Some characters who I didn't expect died while others changed their stripes throughout this series. I was definitely along for the ride as I did not guess even half of the events that occurred throughout these three novels. I wish that the author could have gotten more in depth about the Chemical Garden as it affected the characters. It was mentioned, but not in detail and I would like to understand more, especially since it is the series name. Oh well, it's not that important, just something I'm curious about. All of the characters were so mature by the end of the series. They all grew up and learned the harsh truth about the people they know and the world they live in. That definitely made them more leery about future information they learned. I really enjoyed the series as a whole. I didn't necessarily make "teams" between the guy characters in this series so I wasn't upset when one particular event happened. Rather, I read this book to find out what happened to Rhine overall, not which guy she ended up with. Which is actually unique for me, to be honest... I'm always rooting for a guy in the end. Huh, DeStefano really did a great job with the STORY rather than the CHARACTERS for me. Glad I finally read this series. Definitely won't be forgetting it soon. And it definitely got my mind working about how a future would occur if this event happened.

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I hated this book!I hated its ending!Total waste of my precious time and money!!

linden died!!!! noooooooo!!!!!!

Actual rating: 3.5 stars

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