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Sete (2011)

Sete (2011)

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8804608390 (ISBN13: 9788804608394)

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I didn't even finish this book. The first one was good; I thoroughly enjoyed that one. But the second book... it started out pretty okay but it went steadily downhill. It just got too outlandish. Her daughter was bad, but oh she's really not. And all these people from her past popping up. Oh and now there's ray guns and time travel and some other crazy stuff. Reincarnated people. It just got too extreme for me. It could have been such a good story but then it just veered away and got too crazy for me. I'm sad about this series. You see the main characters true colors and the main character is portrayed very differently too who she really is.Shes often seen as a cold and mean person but once you start to peel back the layers you find something very different someone who protects the people she loves i believe shes one of these characters you cant decide whether to love her or hate her because whatever happens happens, its her destiny. i think writer is very talented and skilled to have come up with this series i believe its a very emotional series and full of raw true emotion

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