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Sense And Sensibility And Sea Monsters (2009)

Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters (2009)

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About book Sense And Sensibility And Sea Monsters (2009)

I listened to this on audiobook.This is a looong story of Jane Austen meets marine themed horror. I am not much of an Austen fan, so all the who said what to whom, who got engaged to whom, etc did not interest me much but the sly parodying of Austen's style did amuse me greatly. Infact, there was much sartorial humour throughout this tale. And if you are a fan of Lovecraft, you will appreciate the marine horror elements.Fun and over the top. This is one of the better horror meets classic literature mashups. This book was disappointing, especially after enjoying Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Sense and Sensibility was never my favorite Jane Austen book, and let's face it, sea monsters are not the best mythical creatures. I would say this book was less than the sum of its parts - the sea monster bits just did not fit in that well with the Sense and Sensibility storyline. The plot was pretty all over the place, and the ending was just bizarre. The only good thing to say about it was the audiobook version entertained us for a five day road trip.

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Een bizar boek, dat af en toe wel grappig was, maar meestal gewoon redelijk saai om te lezen.

Very silly, but also very funny

Hahahaha. Very funny :)

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