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Seelenfänger (2009)

Seelenfänger (2009)

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NB, by way of recommendation, not caveat: I "read" the audiobook, narrated by Christopher Casenove ( His reading is one of the best I've heard among hundreds of audiobooks. I tend not to be swayed in my opinion of a book by the quality or character of the narration, but perhaps this book is meant to be read aloud by a masterful narrator because I enjoyed The Necromancer enormously.Are there some thin spot where the scaffolding shows through? Sure. Does it belong in the Literature section? No. But it's a fun, dark romp to hell and back, told with an unabashed love for language. When I first started the book, what struck me was the rough and almost abrasive style of writing. My initial instinct was to stop reading and shelve it away, but I decided to soldier on. The book was average, but the good point was the story. The plot was rather interesting.I did not much like the protagonist Johannes Cabal. I know he was supposed to be soulless and evil and whatnot, but he was not so likeable. He did occasionally show some humanity though. His brother Horst (was for me) the highlight of the book. He was charming and a good, well, being. The brothers were in stark contrast to one another. Johannes would do anything for a soul, even trap innocent woman and children. Horst was cautious and would not damn those who did not deserve it. Lucifer in the novel, was, to say the least, highly annoying. Well, apparently the book was logged into the genre of 'humour,' although strangely I don't remember laughing. Maybe slightly smiling at (very rare) times. The sort of suspense ending may actually push me towards reading the sequels...

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One of the best I read this yearReview to follow....

cute enough that I want to read the next one.

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