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Seduced In The Dark (2012)

Seduced in the Dark (2012)

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About book Seduced In The Dark (2012)

Wow! Wow! Wow!! I do not hand out 5 star reads often. I am an avid reader and I have only ever give 5 star reviews a handful of times. I thought the first book was twisted and demented, this book was twice as messed up. I actually had to stop reading several times to gather my brain. This may be the darkest thing I have read to date. I walked away just shaking my head. Livvie and Caleb will stay with me for a long time. Amazing in every way. This novel reaches in to the darkness and makes it seductive, appalling, alluring, and frightening. It pulls you in, and even when you've had enough and you don't think you can keep reading, you do. Caleb should be the enemy, but in my eyes I never saw him in that way. He was the tortured soul that had a chance for redemption and even a chance to love. Maybe that sappy on my part, but I'm an endless romantic. The twists and turns of this novel were unpredictable, but well crafted. Its very rare when I read a book that just makes me FEEL and for that I must thank Roberts for her amazing work.

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i feel emotional..and tormented. a bittersweet. ...nice writing. ..

Amazing, wonderfull but a very very very short end

3.5 How can it be so bad but yet so good??



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