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Secrets She Left Behind (2009)

Secrets She Left Behind (2009)

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Diane Chamberlain is one of my favorite authors. Having said that, the Before the Storm books are not my favorite books. I waited a while to read the second book. I'm not sure why I find these characters so unlikeable. Maybe their justification of their bad acts is far too human or the mere existence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome makes me angry. It is probably a testament to the author's skill that I dislike these characters so intensely. I really enjoyed this book. I didn't realise though until after I'd started reading it that it was a sequel. However I understood the story without needing to read the first one (although I still will read it at some point)I like how the story is told from the different characters point of views. However I did find the relationships between the adults and the family trees in the story confusing.Another fantastic read from Diane Chamberlain

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Another great book by one of my favorite authors!

Great Book!!!! WOW!!!! Crazy Family!!!

Not well written and hard to follow.

Great read!!


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