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Secret Weapon (2007)

Secret Weapon (2007)

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About book Secret Weapon (2007)

The Empire is building some sort of secret weapon and the Eleven are trying to find out what it is. Ferus is finding his role as double agent even more difficult when he is being sent back to his home planet of Bellassa to overlook the activities, but he is really being used as a symbol to get the citizens of Bellassa demoralised. He is still unable to find out the true identity of Darth Vader and now he has to convince the Eleven that he is still on their side as well. And of course what he really wants to do, is find any Jedi in the Galaxy that managed to survive Order 66. Another excellent book in this series. It is hard to put down and luckily there is a character list, because the number of names can become confusing at times. In the final pages of the book Palpatine makes Ferus an offer that is quite dangerous, but offers him an opportunity to thwart Darth Vader's intimidations as well. It will be very interesting to find out in the next book what happens when Ferus accepts Palpatine's offer with the words: "I'm ready to learn".

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