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Secret Of The Seventh Son (2009)

Secret of the Seventh Son (2009)

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0061721794 (ISBN13: 9780061721793)

About book Secret Of The Seventh Son (2009)

Un libro excepcional, fantástico y con una historia que te mantiene siempre atento a sus páginas. La narración es limpia y con un estilo preciso, la traducción al castellano en ocasiones resulta demasiado coloquial y simple, pero en general cumple con su objetivo. Adoré la historia y los saltos entre capítulos. Ampliamente recomendado para los amantes del misterio, del suspenso, del genero policíaco y de las series con tintes de investigación minuciosa, casi forense. Una joya de tres partes que estoy dispuesto a leer por completo, por supuesto. Well I've been recommended to read this book by a dear friend and it's been lying in my moving mess for quite some while.I must say that I thought that it would be better. It only started to get interesting in the last part of the book. The idea off course was well thought with a lot of not quite normal red haired men with green eyes (the 7 son of the 7 son) that sits down to complete a library of who gets born and who dies until a certain year in the near future. But it all starts in year 777 with the birth of twins where their father kills the one he thinks is the 7 son. Is he wrong or is he wrong. In the fall of year 782 the beginning of the library of the dead is started by a young boy with a stick. The consequences of his actions bears deeply into our century where FBI agent Will Piper is put on the case of the Doomdays killer. A case that is unsolvable but he does not know that and he does not know that an old college friend is trying to get back at him with the help of the million books in Area 51 and his brilliant computer skills. Just because of a stupid episode involving duck tape and a bed.

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Me encanta, me encanta. Aunque me gustaría más desarrollo de la trama histórica

I did not like the finish of the book

I really like it. A good surprise.

A good idea gone bad....

Muy entretenido.

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