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Seating Arrangements (2012)

Seating Arrangements (2012)

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0307599469 (ISBN13: 9780307599469)

About book Seating Arrangements (2012)

This book about a wedding weekend mainly read from the father-of-the-bride's perspective, with the sister-of-the-bride also shared. Various other female views were shown, but I found the whole plot a tad nonsensical. There appeared to be no dilemma, except for a father's discontent with having daughters and the trouble they appeared to get into. The side bar tangled love plots were not that interesting and left me with no sympathy or intrigue for the characters. And while the author had great opportunity to delve into the East coast beach setting, little poetic scenery was offered, except for a rather random encounter with a beached whale. I couldn't put this book down but at the same time it wasn't that great of a novel. I wanted more substance to the book. An elite wealthy family gets together along with family and friends for a wedding. Lust, lies, rejection, and betrayal all take place and it just leaves you yearning for more. The wedding occurs at the very end with a brief description of the wedding. The only situation that received closure was Winn straying to his daughters beautiful friend and coming to terms with it at the end with his wife, when he never really went forward with the seduction before getting cold feet or a limp dick in his case (it's what happens in your 60's). Crazy thing is there are people out there that live like the characters in this novel everyday.

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Definitely one of my favorite contemporary writers. Great writing, setting and characters.

Don't understand the fuss. No characters, just caricatures.

Boring plot line but beautiful writing style

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