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Schoon In De Sluier (2011)

Schoon in de sluier (2011)

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About book Schoon In De Sluier (2011)

Interesting historical, romance fiction that takes place in 1898 near Asheville, North Carolina which was the home of the very wealthy George and Edith Vanderbilt. Tillie, who is the main character, works as a housemaid, at the Vanderbilt mansion.This is a very interesting tale that tells the story of the Vanderbilt household, the servants, the estate laborers, and the orphans in Asheville. The Vanderbilts were very progressive in that they treated their employees very well which was unusual for this era.The Vanderbilt mansion is still owned by the family and is open to the public. Having been to the Biltmore House, it was a pleasure to read something with this as the setting. Even more so it was a pleasure to see a relationship bloom between a man and woman that is sweet and simple and passionate and still holds true to their Christian beliefs. And yes I said 'passionate' in the same sentence as 'Christian.'Overall this is going to be one of my favorites, and is definitely an author that I will look for again. Love is a complicated thing, but it's so nice to be reminded that it can also be FUN. A great job!

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What a joy to read! Excellent story! Learned a lot about late 18th century servitude.

Loved this story as it made me think of my favorite tv show Downton Abbey!

A very good story, I enjoyed the historical facts.

Another great book by Deeanne Gist...Loved it.

Another great book by Deanne Gist!

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