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Saving Rain (2013)

Saving Rain (2013)

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This is one of those books that when I read the blurb I was a little nervous as to whether or not I should read the book. I am extremely sensitive to domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking! I've done quite a bit of my own personal research on the subject of human trafficking and that part of this story did intrigue me even though it can be difficult to absorb. After reading the book I was quite pleased at the way the author approached the very sensitive nature of this topic and gave us just enough information to get the idea without being too explicit. I can't say the same for the domestic violence or the child abuse. If you are sensitive to these topics just be aware that the opening chapter is somewhat explicit as well as the flashbacks to Raina's past child abuse. But, it is a little hard to "get" a character like Raina without dredging up the pain. I really, really liked Raina... she behaves as a woman probably would behave considering her abusive childhood. I love that she has decided to hold on to the last bit of innocence she has and save herself for the man she loves. Not having been given much control over her body in the past, it is the one thing she can give when she chooses... on her own terms. I thought it was a powerful message to send that innocence has very little to do with the physical act of sex but instead with the giving of yourself. Your body can be taken and abused but no one can really have you completely unless it comes from your heart. Yes, I like that a lot... Raina is a survivor. She could be wallowing in her own self pity but she doesn't. She holds her head up high and presses forward throwing herself into helping others and determined to be independent. She is such a courageous character considering all that she has been through. She also feels a connection with the girls they rescue from trafficking and it serves as a reminder that even though she endured similar pain, it could never compare to what these girls went through. So, it was almost a kind of therapy for her. I liked that... And what can I say about Kas?? Well, he is the best guy. He cares for Raina and recognizes that she needs protection from her past both physically and emotionally. I think he helped Raina finally understand that it is okay to admit defeat on some things and we all need somebody to take care of us. Despite the fact that the sexual tension is high between these two he promises to respect her needs and boundaries. So, all you ladies out there who are saying, "Are they ever gonna??" the answer is no! But, there is enough passion from this couple coming off the pages that it really doesn't matter. It simply is not needed nor would it be appropriate at this point in the story. But, I have a feeling it will come later in this trilogy... patience ladies... patience!! The best romances bloom slowly... And, guess what?? Yep... it ends on a big cliffhanger. No surprise there... it's a trilogy. The ending truly surprised me... I was a little annoyed at Raina but, we'll see how it all works out in the next book. Nice easy writing style, engaging story, very likable characters... intriguing enough to continue on to book two. ARC provided by CTC virtual book tours!

Saving Rain is such a great story. Raina was abused as a child and now as a young adult, despite careful choices and the determination not to be a victim ever again, has fallen into the same pattern with the same type of guy as her father. Through one of her college classes, Raina has the opportunity to work with the FBI, where she meets Kas, the first guy in her life who does not try to hurt her. Kas will do anything to help Raina, but he quickly realizes he is way out of his league. He does his best, but it is not always enough.I think one of the things I loved most about this book was Raina and Kas' relationship. They felt an instant attraction to one another, but there was no insta-love (I actually hate that term, but I see it used a lot). Their relationship was given time to simmer and develop slowly. Raina does not fall immediately in love with Kas and trust him with everything she has. If it had happened that way, the story would have been ruined. Raina was abused and, as such, she has a hard time trusting anyone, including herself. She is not weak or a victim, though she has been made to see herself in that way, and it is going to take more than one man, no matter how patient and caring he is, to change that.While there are dark issues in the story, it is well written and the violent scenes/topics are handled carefully. The issues of abuse, rape, and human trafficking are very real, and the author does not pretty them up, nor does she give explicit descriptions that would be a turn off to many people. I have read many books where the characters were abused, and I believe (in my humble opinion) that this is one of my favorites, just because of the way the characters dealt with their issues. Rather than turning to drugs, alcohol, or aimless sex, Raina tried to make herself a better person, someone worthy of love. My only issue with this book was that there were many times in Saving Rain where the thoughts would switch from one person to another without any transition or warning, and it was very confusing. I found myself re-reading sentences or paragraphs after realizing the POV had changed suddenly. Overall, though, I really enjoyed the story and am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Thank you to the author for providing me with a copy of her book.

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From the very beginning Stewart almost has me in tears when the book opens up to six year old Raina learning that her mother has died and she will never again see her. Just even thinking about losing my mother has me in tears and to lose her at six years old would be absolutely devastating like it was for Raina."I want to go passed away and go with mommy to the better place, too."I am sure that whatever is in this review will just not do it justice! Saving Rain is in my top books of all time and has got to definitely be my favorite book of 2013 for sure!When Kas and Raina start working together within the FBI to take down the growing number of sex trafficking rings within the United States, they immediately take to each other and thier feelings quickly blossom. Because Kas is afraid Rain isn't ready, and Raina's self esteem is so low she doesn't think she is even on Kas's radar, they both try to deny their feelings for one another. They are so good together though! Kas takes care of Rain while she is recovering from a beating of a lifetime from her wannabe boyfriend, Chris. Gah, he treats her like a princess...opening doors for her, assuring she wants for nothing, and helping her cook breakfast every morning. With a little help from Kas's friend, Chase, and Kas himself, Raina begins to bloom like a rose in spring time! She starts to see that not every many hits, that a guy can get angry (because Kas and Rain do get into some doosies) and NOT hurt her physicall, emotionally, or sexually. Something, unfortunately, Raina has discovered isn't true with every man. Even those close to her.Kas, at first, let's Raina try and work through things on her own but when she doesn't open up to him so that he can protect her, things heat up. He isn't naturally overbearing but can be sometimes...all in good intentions of course! Raina, because she is really coming into her own and learning to think for herself, she doesn't take Kas's practically ordering to not do something laying down. When their tempers collide so do their desires for one another, and they are both tempted to throw their morals away and become one!Betrayal pretty much forces Raina to tells her story. About the abuse, the loneliness, and despair. Stewart had me crying my eyes out! I cannot believe what Rain has experienced and she is still standing! Not only that, but she still has this lovable innocence that you wouldn't expect from someone from her situation!The climax of Saving Rain had me speechless!I literally put the book down and had to prepare myself for what was about to happen! I cannot wait to read the second book in the series! Saving Rain is a MUST READ! Raina is the strongest female character I have ever come across!
—Jovon Tucker

Wow what an amazing 1st book! Please do take note of the disclaimer. This book touches on some really heavy topics that may not be suitable for all. It addresses human trafficking, child abuse, abuse, and rape. I can't believe I had not heard of this series before. I signed up for a blog tour after reading and really liking the synopsis of a book. When I came to add it on goodreads I realized that it was actually the 3rd book in a series, so I had to pick up the first two books. And boy I am glad I did. This book probably wins the award for making me cry as much as possible in such a short time. By the prologue and first chapter I was already in tears. The story is about a 19 year old girl who is working as an translator on a Human Trafficking case for the FBI. Even though she faces some terrifying and brutal cases as she works as a translator and computer hacker, the real tragedy is what you find in past. Kas in a mid-twenties lead agent in the FBI, from the second he meets Raina he is immediately drawn to her. One day Raina is brutally beaten by her Boy friend Chris. As Kas takes care of her, he soon finds out that this was not the first time that she had been abused, but in fact the doctor finds evidence of repeated untreated old scars. Kas is determined to find out what happened to Raina, while Raina is trying to come to terms with her past and her new found feelings for Kas. Kas is she gentle and sweet and makes her feel safe, but thanks to a history of men who blamed her for things that were not her fault and made her self esteem so low, she is unable to see the treasure that she actually is. This book ends with a cliff hanger that will make you want to dive in to book 2.I believe I found this book at the right time in my life. I am currently doing my Psych Nursing rotation and just recently I had the privileged of working and speaking with someone who was seeking help from wife abuse. After speaking with this brave lady I was able to prepare myself for this series. As mentioned above this book is not for everyone. Some of the scenes are very graphic and hard to digest. But the sad reality of this, that even though this story is a work of fiction, situations similar to this are occurring daily.But don't let this persuade you against reading this book. Seeing Raina thrive and learn to love herself was absolutely amazing. And to have strong men on her side such as Kas and his bestfriend/clincial psychologist Chase is phenomenal. Also the suspenseful action packed mystery is also enough to keep you turning from page to page.
—Anasheh Satoorian

First let me tell you that I'm a lawyer who specializes in child and woman abuse.Why did I started with this? Because this is the central theme of this book. But it is treated in a gentle and light way that while the theme might shock some, it isn't written in the dark tones that could make one cringe. On the opposite, it's very sensitively treated. There is no explicit sex scene, no explicit rape scene. The violent scenes are very well done. The author did a great job in expressing the feelings without spilling blood all over the book, but there is no escape. The violent scenes are there - if they weren't the book would be flawed. For those who have experienced this or have a weak stomach, it might cause discomfort. And although the theme is hard, the book can fit in a YA or a NA. The author informs on the blurb that this is for 18 and up, but considering that 14 year old girls are reading 50things of very horrible messages, as a lawyer and a teacher, I would recommend those who read the 50horrible shades of dirtiness this book without a second thought. But, as a mother, I would say 16 and up. But you should be the judge.The heroine, Raina is the victim here and the hero, Kas, is a FBI officer and her friend and then saves her from an attack, hence the name Saving Rain. Raina is not what you would expect from an usual abused child and teenager. She's a dear. Determinate, strong and gentle. No clumsy or dumbness for Rain. A hurray for you, Rain, and another for you, Karen-Anne. I've been sick with so many female weakness and clumsiness.Kas is not one of those typical hard, mind-torturing, alpha male I have seen recently. Sometimes, I miss a little of hardness in him - he is a FBI officer - that has too much self-control, but then, there have been so many bad examples in the literature recently that that it makes you want to kiss him for all his self-control. He is a gentleman, strong, and sensitive. This is what a woman should want in a boyfriend!!I got catch by the plot, despite it's not what I usually read (I prefer adult romances, thrillers, historical romances, poetry or philosophy) and I can say: Good job!
—Poet Gentleness

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