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Saving June (2011)

Saving June (2011)

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1921794097 (ISBN13: 9781921794094)
Harlequin Teen Australia

About book Saving June (2011)

"There is so much beauty in just existing. In being alive. I don't want to miss a second"- Saving June I absolutely loved this book with every inch of my heart. I'm not sure if it's because I can connect to the character of Harper so much, or if it's simply because it's just an amazing book. It's written beautifully, and it's not too complicated. There's no sequels or prequels, it's just simple yet still so perfect.I would recommend it to anyone! This is definitely a book that keeps you hooked.You keep on turning the pages for some reason.I'd give it a 3.5 rating.It is not about suicide,although it talks about a girl who commits suicide before her graduation.Harper finds her sister June dead in her car after she used pills to take her own life.Determined to achieve the only thing her sister dreamed of,she took her ashes to California,her dream place.Along with her comes her best friend, and Jake Tolan,whose relationship to her sister remains undiscovered.The journey from their hometown to California is a journey of love,truth,and discoveries that change Harper's life.Harper discovers herself,after being numb since her sister's death,she starts regaining the ability to feel.She starts looking at life in a whole new perspective,she understands the worth and importance of her life.It took her sister's death for her to realize the important aspects and elements of her own life.This is a book that pushes you to think about your life all the while you enjoy a good novel.And the music embedded in this novel is a huge plus!

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I enjoyed it, but some parts could have been written differently.

Really good! There is lots of language.



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