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Saga, Volume Two (2013)

Saga, Volume Two (2013)

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0606351795 (ISBN13: 9780606351799)
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About book Saga, Volume Two (2013)

Saga is going pretty good. Every time I read it, I'm just like hahaha, wow, if I were a mum, I'd be like a Alana and I would just be a real mess. I want a magical tree house that flies and helps me take care of my baby, maybe by the time the future comes around that is what I'll be able to get. Anyway, back to the story , I guess, blah, these are never reviews, these are my thoughts. I think it's amazing how it's Hazel who is narrating these things, and she's unfazed with her parents and their relationship. I dunno, I super relate to Alana and how she's drawn to those cheap romance novels, except when I read shoujo manga, there's no underlying message of ending an intergalactic war....Looking forward to volume three. The awesomenes of volume 1 continued in this 2nd volume! Of course the artwork was amazing, too, once again (except for that one creture, the ugliest one ever *traumatized*). This volume doesn't have as much going on as the first one, but this tells more about the backstories of different characters and I thoroughtly enjoyed that. I have to complain about one thing - it's too short! I was just reading it and suddenly I was finished. I can't wait to read the 3rd volume.

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I love EVERYTHING about this series. It's so so SO good.

I got real emotional when I thought Lying Cat had died.

great continuation of the first volume

*stars in my eyes*

Just giddy fun.

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