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Saga, Volume 1 (2012)

Saga, Volume 1 (2012)

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1607066017 (ISBN13: 9781607066019)
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3 out of 5 stars.I absolutely love the art in this graphic novel. However I am not a fan of some of the crude humor. Crude humor is not something I typically like when reading. I like the over all premise of the plot and found it interesting. I appreciate the author creating a mixed-ethnicity couple and found the similarities of some of the comments made about them in comparison to the prejudices that mixed-ethnicity couples and their children often receive in our world very thought provoking. The novel is about a couple whom are trying to start a better life for their family. The couple are from the two opposing sides of the war. They both left the war and are now fugitives who are on the run for their safety and the safety of their sun.Although I was't in love with this graphic novel and will probably not read the rest of the series I do feel like that some people would love it. I do however warn you that their are some graphic scenes that some including myself my find offensive. Their is sexual seances and jokes along with some violence. Excellent recommendation from Allan Branstiter, this is the first installment of a graphic novel series centered on a pair of deserters from a interstellar war, their daughter--who just by existing is proof against the decades of propaganda and enmity the two sides have for one another, and the forces pursuing them. That one side of the war is rooted in cutting edge technology, and the other in the use of powerful magic makes for fascinating confrontations, without losing the very human story of people who are trying to keep their family together in the face of senseless conflict.

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