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Saga, Vol. 2 (2013)

Saga, Vol. 2 (2013)

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Right after I read the first volume, I went out and bought this one. It was was so great, now I can officially say that I am in love with these comics! The plot is beautiful developed and presented in an amazing way. With the little narration of older Hazel, and the back and forth between characters. Each chapter is set up to perfection. I don't think there was one crossover that was ill placed.Also don't get me started about the art work it's just, perfect...I can't even. Makes me wish I could draw, but sadly I can't. Actually thank god, because that makes room for more people like Fiona Staples to grace this world. So god keep them coming. 3 1/2I'm starting to get over the more obscene scenes in this comic series little by little. but more than that, I want to focus on the theme of this series. In an neverending war of two species, one of each falls in love the other against all odds (the war and their own people trying to find and kill them). And because of the characters it's not mushy at all. I do like Marko and Alana a lot so far. I'm interested how the story will continue. The art is also great. (Although if your eyes are quite sensitive to some more digusting pictures or somehow other pictures that may be offending to the eyes of some people (sexual themes)... I wouldn't excactly recommend it... but I'm also more on the sensitive side... it's one thing to read about those things... but see it pictured on paper... well like I said. I'm still adjusting myself to it. But I will continue because I surprisingly like a few themes in this series.So I don't really have anything more to say, without giving away spoilers. So that's it.

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My love for this series just grows all the time!ITS JUST SOOOOOOO GOOD!

I want everything I read to be like this.

Very, very weird but still interesting.

This series is so fucking wonderful.

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