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Saga. Capítulo Dos (2013)

Saga. Capítulo dos (2013)

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8468478881 (ISBN13: 9788468478883)
Planeta deAgostini

About book Saga. Capítulo Dos (2013)

This is the graphic novel that has pushed people including myself into comic book reading of this decade. There is not one comic book fan that I have met who hasn't enjoyed or heard something about this series. It is a space opera, Star Wars meets Game of Thrones. Centered around a girl named Hazel and her family who is trying to protect her from the raging war of the galaxy between her parents species. I won't say anymore, because you need to go pick this book up now! Go now! How can I use ordinary words to emphasize how absolutely brilliant and marvelous this saga is. It's a bit of Star Wars meets Romeo & Juliet, but with a very intelligent twist on different cultures and pacifism. You get a great adventure on parenting and family thrown into the mix and it's just so so beautiful and the story is very thrilling on top of that. This is the second part of the epic with Hazel's parents still being on the run from their different enemies. Even if you're not into comics, you should give it a try (.. in my opinion, you must if you have kids). You might not love it (though I don't see how you wouldn't), but it's certainly not wasted time. My only problem is the fact that I kind of have to hide it from my 9-year-old as it has its share of mature content (and she loves comics).

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I have nothing bad to say about these. They are AMAZING!!!!


Sooo GOOD. love this series so far.

Cool story, continued to like it

Never disappoints.

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