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Réunis Dans La Tombe (2012)

Réunis dans la tombe (2012)

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About book Réunis Dans La Tombe (2012)

Another totally satisfying reading experience. Ms. Frost continues to evolve her plot and characters in unique ways. The entire book captured my attention and, so far, this series just doesnt' slow down at all. I can't wait to delve into the next one in line. I've already gone out and bought the entire series. Yup, I'm that confident that Ms. Frost will continue her excellent storyline. Cudos! While I love spending time with Cat and Bones I have to admit that I've lost a little bit of love for this series only because Vlad is so much hotter (literally) than Bones. There I said it. I'm superficial. I love Vlad. Luckily he was in this book a lot. As was Mencheres with special appearances by Spade. How could I not love love love this book? Well, I'm not sure, to be honest. Cat continues to be intriguing and her ability to absorb powers from those she drinks from is interesting. I just wasn't absorbed into this story. The power play between the ghouls and vampires, although...dare I say interesting, failed to capture my undivided attention because it felt too political to me (which I hate in my reading). The big bad baddy failed to provide me with heart stopping nail biting suspense and the final battle crested to a disappointing conclusion. No head explosions or anything. Bummer. Despite my complaints the rest of the book was solid. It was nice to see so many of my favorite characters again and the relationship between Cat and Bones continues to stride towards something most people can only dream about. Granted some of it was a bit sappy but thankfully Vlad was there to point out their lovey dovey ways were pukey.

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it was good but I procrastinated a lot when it came to finishing it.

Und der Band war wieder richtig richtig gut!

Another fun book in the series.

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