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Rules For A Lady (2011)

Rules for a Lady (2011)

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About book Rules For A Lady (2011)

A fun regency book, about a rebellious young lady, trying to have her cake and eat it too. Bucking the Rules of The Ton, when she really doesn't know why they where put in place to begin with. Coming within an inch of her life being ruined by cutthroats, she is rescued by the Earl who is ruling her life and aggravating her the most, of course he is the one that she in the end falls in love with, despite all the barriers and reasons it shouldn't happen. A good read for this type of book which I give a 4.8 due to spelling errors, which young lady at this point, if you are going to self publish, should not happen ! Otherwise a fun and can't put down for this type of romance novel.

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