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Romero (2000)

Romero (2000)

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This book is really more like a 3.75 star, but there were some things that just dragged on that kept it away from a 4. I definitely enjoyed it over all and no where near hated it so it's in the middle w/ a heavy lean towards 4 star. The story starts with back stories of Izzy/Bell/Isabel and Ramon/Monie/Moe/Romero before meeting each other. Once you were told those stories it really took off when they meet. I'm glad I stuck with it when I really didn't want to. I did it because of the 1st Moreno book and 2 of the 5th st series books I've read. I was rolling my eyes A LOT in the beginning of the book screaming "yeah!!yeah!! He's (Romero) a man whore and ridiculously hot tempered. I mean short fused and needing meds hot tempered. It did not make me care for him much at all. And, honestly not overly caring about him now though I found the journey to him realizing Izzy was the one utterly perfect and lovable. Izzy pretty much was a people pleaser, but did manage to pursue her dream job and a relationship w/ a man who definitely grew up on the rougher side of life. Izzy and Romero both have difficult families and some you want to slap, but it was nice to see acceptance of who their families are. I liked the exploration of the relationship from day one and loved the direction the story takes for many characters.All in all I do enjoy the less predictability in Elizabeth Reyes' story telling. It's got mystery, romance, drama, and some steamy scenes that aren't over the top. If the author happens to read this I wouldn't be opposed to a novella at least for Jacob. ;op I love Romero and was waiting on his story. However my issue with this series is each book repeats the time and does not pick up where the previous picked up. So the first two books are consecutive and then Eric and Romero's stories are repeated time frames as the first two books for at least half the book before it moves further in time. I hope Sal's book is not the same and moves past this time so I do not feel like I am re-reading the first few books. I understand wanting to tie in the previous books but most only use flashbacks or memory conversations and the new book still moves forward in time.

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Out of all the Moreno Brothers, I liked Romero the best. It was an OK read.

Romero is great! Him and Isabel are the greatest together!

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So good!!! Loved it

Great book

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