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Rock Into Me (2013)

Rock into Me (2013)

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About book Rock Into Me (2013)

Alana St. James is the lead singer of Orion and is a force to be wreckened with! She gives her career everything and when she catches the eye of Mr. GQ scowling at her during a concert she flips! So unnerved by him she purposely gives him her full attention during a song only to get the same response. Little does she know her future lies in his hands...and oh what Jonathan Lansing's hands can and will do...This is a short and incredibly HOT read. I was hooked immediately but when "Good evening ladies." is spoken in a deep British accent I was done for!!! The constant tension and intensity between Alana and Jonathan is off the charts. This is the perfect read when you don't have the time available they lost in a book for hours...I highly recommend it. The only downer is that I am impatient and I want more of them...NOW please...Great job Susan!!! XO Wow! If you are looking for a hot summer read, Rock Into Me by Susan Arden is it! Ms. Arden doesn't disappoint with this first in a series book. Ms. Arden always provides great sizzling scenes in her books and this book is no exception. The heat between Alana and Lansing will capture you and you'll find yourself wanting more. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a strong chemistry between characters and a strong female character who knows what she wants.

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4 stars. Good, but a serial. *sigh* Why do I do this to myself???

Hot read! I love the sassy women and dominating men.

A short hot and enjoyable read.

nice quick read


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