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Rhapsody: Child Of Blood (2000)

Rhapsody: Child of Blood (2000)

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0812570812 (ISBN13: 9780812570816)
tor fantasy

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I’m conflicted here.I like this book.But it’s a bad book.The story, the basic premise and idea… They sound interesting.I can’t tell you whether they actually are because, despite all pages in the book, the basic beginning force of the story isn’t explained. Not surprising really, as that’s most likely being saved for exploration further down the series. The plot contained in this particular book itself, the journey of Rhapsody, Achmed, and Grunthor, THAT part I did find quite enjoyable and would gladly read more of. I will expound on the problems I had with the book some, but I would like to preface it with saying that despite these problems I had fun reading the book. I enjoyed it, which I believe counts for at least a small bit.Now, problems:I’ll be saying nothing new when I complain about Rhapsody herself. Within the first chapter she’s found her soulmate, given him her virginity, and declared herself forever his in some of the most forced and gag inducing romantic text I’ve read outside a Harlequinne romance. Later on in the book, every man she comes across, and many of the women, are instantly dumpstruck (if not falling madly in love with her) simply because of her shear beauty. Of course, she never realizes this, but is wonderfully kind, perfect, and gracious to everyone she meets.Basically, she’s perfect. What flaws she does have seem to exist only to throw a greater light on her perfections, and she shows no real change or growth throughout the book.I should hate her, but I don’t. I found her perfection easy to ignore and move along with despite it being annoying. This, considering she’s the main character of the book, is not necessarily a plus for the writing. Never the less, Rhapsody is just relatable enough that I can accept the character, if not like her.Of the other three ‘main characters’ two I loved, and one I absolutely hated. The males, Achmed and Grunthor, I enjoyed reading about. They had wit, skill, kindness tempered with realism and cynicism, and generally just seem more intelligent than the girls.The last of the group, ‘Jo,’ I found entirely un-relatable, miserably idiotic, selfish, ignorant, and jarring to the setting. From the moment she joins the group she just doesn’t seem to fit in, her actions endanger the others but are never met with any real consequence, and, at least in this book of the series, she seems to serve no real purpose.Many of the supporting characters could be interesting but are unfortunately struck with the dumps and strawman-itis whenever Rhapsody is around.The text of the book itself can be lengthy and verbose at times, but the descriptions, though treading close to purple at times, I found was one of the more enjoyable aspects.. I didn’t really get annoyed with the reading until after the climactic battle at the end. At this point the story doesn’t wrap up but meanders on into the lead in to the next entry in the series. Personally I think it would have served much better to wrap things up, or leave them at a cliff hanger, and save the last three chapters and place them in the next book as the first three.Lastly, there are some scenes in the book that just seem to float in space with no real purpose. For example I, quite frankly, did not need to know about Lord A’s extramarital sexual dalliance with Woman B, who hasn’t been so much as mentioned before and is never mentioned again after this scene. These scenes might have some purpose in later books but if that is the case than they should have been in those books. Here they float disjointedly with no real rhyme or reason for having been brought up at all.To Sum Up:Things I loved: Achmed (so much so that I’m actually rooting for him to pair up with Rhapsody), Grunthor, and their journey before, through, and just after ‘the Root.’Things I liked: The general setting of the world, and the idea of a story that spans several centuries and the disorientation the change in times has on the characters.Things I loathed: Jo, Ashe, random scenes which don’t seem to fit anywhere in the plot.

Rhapsody by Haydon, Elizabeth was the CHIZ!i seen bitch ass bitcheZ talk shit on this book goin on about it being carpthem chumpz iz WRONGRhapsody: Child of Blood gets the DADDYS seal of approvaland it simply ROXXXand ima tell you why1: Writing - this book my have a few granny porn elements to it but over all the story keeps you enthralled. from all the books ive read this book actually had me laughing out loud. the shit in is is fucking funny, and sometimes invitingly filthy, i loved it. the whole time they wuz crawling through a damned tree for over 100 pages couldve been boring as chiz, but it keep throwing me bones along the way and so i followed along; treat after treat. E-Haydz roxxx. new favorite author.2: Characters - Achmed is a lovable dick-headed asshole the whole way. theres no way you can dislike him or his antics. Grunthor is a personal favvv hes a lovable brute, with an unquenchable bloodlust. and a bitching lyricist to boot. then theres ol' Rhaps, what can i say, she's a woman. Rhapsody is burdened but her past loves of a one night stand, her family and home. while carrying this burden she seeks in this new life to fill the void left by crawling through a tree 2000 somethin' years into the future. so she can get kinda bitchy, mopey and, forlorn. Otherwise, shes bitchin as hell. So FUCKK the anti-Raps chump ass dick-lickin bitchez.3: Story - This story is surprisingly fucking original as shit. iv never read nothing like it and it is MOST DEF awesome. R:COB is interesting, Funny as chiz, and it seems to be setting up a crazy fucking story thats about to unfold on mad bitcheZ.overall R:COB roxxx theres little to no letdown besides maybe the 20 pages of granny porn. also, there no glossary or index of P,P&T's theres a lot going so E-Haydz does a purty good job at reminding yer ass whats going on and who is doing what and where they from, and where is that place. im hoping for a glossary in the last book i.e. LOTR READ THIS SHIT im glad i didTHANX E-HAYDZ

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All of my original opinions from my status update still stand. I made it to page 50 and officially had to give up. I found myself skimming to try to block out some of the horrible cheesiness, and still I got tired of the taste of bile in the back of my throat from where I kept trying not to vomit from the totally false character interactions & the awful hyperbole. I stole this from "Jocelyn Zombie's" review, because it was oh, so perfect that I couldn't have said it better myself:"The Ugly: Oh, the word choices. Oh, the terrible dialog. In this land, if something is "very", it is always "more (fill in the blank) than you can imagine." There are no unused adjectives - why would there be a crown of gold when it could be a crown of purest gold? Etc, etc, ad nauseum. The descriptions... they go on for pages, my friends. I ended up skip-ping over loads of stuff and just reading the dialog (because I did want to know what happened, the bones of the story and the plotting are really good), and I noticed that this author has the same problem with scenes - every little detail of every little action is related. I've read some writing manuals that suggest coming up with a complete and through back-story for your characters but in addition to doing this, Ms. Hayden wrote it all down. In short, Hemingway would choke on these three books, and would glad of his impending death rather than finish the series." Since I couldn't even manage to finish it, I guess I should be giving it zero stars, but I don't want my future self to think I just forgot to rate it and maybe give it a try again. Future self: this is a case of an interesting plot ruined by an author - don't bother! Reading it makes your brain feel like teeth do after eating half a bag of Halloween candy: sticky & rotting & in need of a good scrubbing to get rid of that taste!

So I am in minority because I hate this book. I really hate this book. I have never been so disappointed in a book when I picked this up and started reading it.Now, to be fair, I'll admit by distaste started very eary. I really don't like graphic sex scenes with 13 year olds. I know, I know, teens have sex all the time, but I don't want to read about until they're legal. (Unless it is the movie Valmont where it is done in a really funny way). But I know the hang-up is mine, and I was willing to

Rhapsody is the first in a three-book series and is a fantasy quest saga crafted in the Heroic Age style. The author demonstrates significant creativity in the construction of fictional characters and civilizations in an unfamiliar world with the overarching theme of, you guessed it, good vs. evil.But there are some twists. The author does a good job of fleshing out her main characters, especially Achmed and Grunthor, imbuing them with complex motives, unusual powers or gifts, and shady, or at least questionable, pasts. Unfortunately, the main protagonist's character did not ring as true to me as the others.Tolkien fans will no doubt sense similarities to the Ring trilogy but the author must again be given credit for showing strength of will and tenacity by staying true to her vision throughout. It took me a few pages to buy in to this new world but eventually it happened and anticipation and curiosity urged me on to each new chapter.One surprising aspect which I had not encountered before (but then, I am not an avid reader of this genre) is the somewhat shocking inclusion of a few tasteful yet spicy sexual scenes.A couple of the premises of the novel were troubling. For example, for a people familiar with the concept of time travel (yes, it's in there) there seems to me too much lamentation about being transported centuries away from one's family and home. After all, might one not someday somehow be transported back?Second, the concept of there being enough space around these huge "roots," which transect the interior of the planet, for the heroes to crawl, walk, and climb doesn't work for me. Even if I put on my strongest fantasy glasses, squint, and concentrate real hard, it doesn't work. And that's even before I get started on the breaking of physical laws. To me, a work of fiction such as this must be at least believable enough for the reader to be mentally transported into the action and participate vicariously with the characters.The end sequences of the book seem a bit rushed as if the writer was ready to get on with book two. And the setup of the sequel's quest (as I presume it is, although I haven't yet read books two or three) is a little weak. I hesitate to begin the next volume in the series because of the reasons stated here; it is a major commitment and the rewards may not be commensurate with the effort.
—John P

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