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Revival (2014)

Revival (2014)

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About book Revival (2014)

Stephen King's great talent lay in storytelling...just picking the words and laying them out in a way that envelopes you, that gives you no other choice but to live inside the tale 'til the tale is told. Revival tells the story of Jamie Morton who, as a boy, meets Reverend Charles Jacobs and then periodically meets him again and again throughout his life. It's a story about addiction, about compulsion and about how far a man will go to discover the unknown.While it's not your typical horror and not even typical King horror (there's not a lot of gushy parts) it is pretty disturbing at the end. In fact, I was so wrapped up in the ending that I completely forgot about one character until just before they reappeared again. (An "OMG, what about....???!!" is usually the sign that a book has totally sucked me in) King tells a gripping story again, that I read in two or three days. And this man always reminds me of the supernatural - that what you see is not all that you get in this life and beyond - which I believe but which isn't exactly mainstream in the settings in which I live.But neither the protagonist of this book nor the creepy burned out minister-turned-Dr. Frankenstein were folks I really wanted to spend more than two or three days with. Death beats life, this book loudly seems to say, when I hope for and trust the opposite is true.

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I do not want to spoil the ending, so I will just say the ending was like a classic literary work.

Nothing beats a Stephen King book. Nothing.

Best King in years. Disturbing.

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