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Revealing Us (2013)

Revealing Us (2013)

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About book Revealing Us (2013)

Revealing Us picks up where Being Me left off.This installment wasn’t as jam packed with as much mystery and action as I found the first two to have, but it still had me intrigued and held my attention throughout. We are taken to Paris where Chris and Sara continue their search for Ella, Sara begins preparing a business for herself, and Chris’s past is slowly unveiled. We are introduced to some new and interesting characters with strong connections to Chris. Unfortunately, they have the potential to threaten his relationship with Sara. I absolutely love Chantal. She quickly became the friend that Sara needed to get through the obstacles she faced in this book. Chris and Sara continue to explore and define their relationship. This book brings us to the point in their relationship that we have all been waiting for. Trust, peace and the promise of a happily ever after. We are of course treated to more hot and steamy scenes that we have come to expect from these two. A little flogger action? Yes, please!The epilogue gives us a glimpse into the next direction this series is headed and I am very excited for the author to bring me there!P.S....I miss Mark I am getting fed up by this big reveal that we have to wait so long for and then when the reveal comes, we get another cliff hanger. Sara is also getting to be an annoying and naive heroine. How can your boyfriend's ex call you for help on the only night he was not home, and you were not to leave the security safety of your home? Of course Sara went to be a knight in shiny armor, saw it was an ambush, was able to have help and escaped, but she went back into the decadence place to drink at the bar? Yes, she did, and was dancing half naked on top of a table or stage. Chris was also not better. Why does he have to take her to Paris to reveal what made him what he is? Why? Anyways, the long and short of this story???? You have to wait for the next book. SMH

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This is a very long series. The epilogue is the only reason I am anxious to read the next book.

I feel like Sara needs to be tougher with the women in Chris' life.

No in between..:)

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