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Return Of The Mountain Man (2000)

Return of the Mountain Man (2000)

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I read return of the mountain man written by William W. Johnstone and it was exactly what you would expect out of a wild west book. The setting is the west where you can travel for days without seeing another soul, and because of this its very easy for outlaws to escape the law. The main character throughout the story is Smoke Jenson and all he has on his mind is revenge. Three men Stratton, Potter, and Richards set together a gang and set them out to kill smoke. They ended up killing all of Smoke's immediate family, but leaving him alive. The only reason they left him alive is because he killed them. When he sets out for revenge he meets up with some old mountain men that believe in fighting to the end for smoke. Most of the other main characters for this book are the mountain men. Their personalities are some of the most different and entertaining that I've ever experienced. They know every thing there is to know about the woods, they know little about society, and they have their own sort of justice and sense of what is right or wrong. What I found amazing about this book was how in depth the author got about all of Smoke's gun fights. He also seems to capture all the character's personalities perfectly almost as if the author truly experienced the wild west. One of the biggest ideas of this novel is that a man has to kill his own rattlers and break his own broncos. What this means is that in the West there is little to no law so you have to be ready to fend for your self. This idea really is what brings the west to life while you're reading the book. It makes the entire people and setting of the book seem a little bit wilder and untamed. Much of this book is gory and violent. For this reason I would not suggest this book to those who do not like reading gory books. However, this book is one of the greatest that I have ever read. This book is for those who like action and adventure, and who like to see the good succeed and the evil fail. All in all, this book/series has some of the most vivid settings, characters, and plots I've ever read. It is a wonderful book, and a great way to spend a rainy day!

Over the past four months I have been reading the Mountain Man series by William W. Johnstone. They are a throwback to the old west and come complete with rugged turrain, outlaws, Indians, and heroes. I enjoyed these books for the simple reason that I feel transported back to a simpler time when right was right, wrong was wrong, and there wasn't nearly so much gray. The reader gets to learn alot about what it was like for the men and women who broke open the territory but especially we get to cheer on an old fashioned hero or two. You will enjoy this trip back to the mid 1800's and you'll willingly cheer for the good guys who are interesting and funny characters, and hate the villains. Enjoy!

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