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Retrato De Uma Espia (2011)

Retrato De Uma Espia (2011)

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About book Retrato De Uma Espia (2011)

I feel torn about this book. It was an enjoyable read, but it felt a bit preachy and like it took itself too seriously. I also felt like it tried to oversimplify complicated issues. The main character, spy and assassin Gabriel Allon is strong but damaged, intelligent, intuitive, courageous, but maybe a bit too much of the archetypal "tortured hero". Most of the supporting characters were paper thin, with no development. Yet again silva returns with his tried and tested full time art restorer protagonist who is part time Israeli spy cum assassin and a legend at it in this 11th instalment. And he has all the same formula in this one - an old masterpiece art which Alon starts restoring, leaves it half way as he finds himself guilt ridden at being unable to stop a bombing at Covent Garden which kills many innocents and throws Allon into the thick of the plot. Back comes Adrian Carter, Ari Shamron, Graham Seymor, Uzi Navot and Gabriel's old team to find out the real mastermind (plural in this case) and then eliminate them to prevent future deaths. Allon goes on to recruit Nadia, daughter of Zizi whom Gabriel has assassinated, Whois the prefect recruit and infiltrates the network and provides vital info to Allon. The the end is still stunning where, like most in is series, Allon's well laid plans backfires and Allon surrenders to the enemy to save his agent, in the process gets beaten and tortured by his enemies. But then, our spy is the best and just Bourne/Bond, comes out of all situations winning.A great novel as usual from the Silva/Allon combination, a fast paced book and simply superb characters, specially of Nadia Al-Bakari, and a thoroughly enjoyable book in spite of the predictable formula of this series!

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8.5/10. I love all of Silva's novels with Gabriel Allon. This does not disappoint.

Apt name for the novel, another great addition to the series.

Another Gabriel Allon spy story.

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