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Renegade Reject (2000)

Renegade Reject (2000)

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About book Renegade Reject (2000)

I just realized I haven't read the first book. I hate that. It'd be nice if "book 2" or the like was on the cover. I don't see the title on my tablet--just the cover.When I first started reading this book, I was a little concerned by the female protagonist's age and wasn't sure I wanted to go "there" with a teenager, but thankfully, their ages progressed with the story. I was intrigued by the fact that this is a MC romance, and having been around MCs, I was curious as to how one (or two) would tell this type of story. I enjoyed the story line for the most part, aside from some inconsistencies with reality that I won't divulge here due to spoilers. Some of the characters you grow to hate; others you just outright love, even though they drive you mad.The sheer idiocy of these two characters is mainly what keeps them apart, aside from one other player, and I wanted to slap them upside the head for their assumptions and bad decisions. There were times when I'd roll my eyes, yet the authors kept me reading, so kudos to them for that. The fact that I wanted to strangle the characters says a lot, in that I became involved enough to care. The sex is hot as hell, in my opinion, so heed that warning.I'm impressed enough with the story line to pick up the first book to see what I missed. Only time will tell if the next book makes it onto my Kindle and doesn't get lost in the hundreds of books I already have.The only true hiccups in the story are the typos, which as an editor, drive me insane. I nearly closed the book a few times and already started writing this review in my head. If these two are self-editing, they need to hire a line/copy editor. Just my opinion as a professional and a reader. this book was much better than the first, can't wait for next one. enjoyed reading it even though it wound me up and went against the grain.if you like domineering, overbearing, selfish, cocky, self centered, confident men then this is itgod I hated fucking Preach, he was a cheater, fucker, shithead, felt so sorry for Daisy, but she needed to grow a pair, I could not have forgiven him for all his shit ! But they were young, so have to compensate.why do the hero and heroine (if you can call them that) have to come from such shity/disturbed family backgrounds ?Need to ask Bella (Jewel) girl, does this shit really happen in MC's ? I'm just a normal English girl, but I couldn't put up with this shit that Emily writes about, even though I enjoy reading the books !!!!!!!!

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Love this series and so will you. Great read for anyone that likes MC books. Rated great

Preach is a dirt bag and Daisy is too stupid to live. Nuff said.

Easy read, great story line.

loved it


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