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Rencontre Avec Un Ange (2013)

Rencontre avec un Ange (2013)

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Harlequin - Darkiss

About book Rencontre Avec Un Ange (2013)

Dark Kiss is a dark supernatural romance about Stephanie who gets kissed by Stephen, her crush for years in school. But it's not just any kiss, he steals her soul. There is a lot of violence in this book and so many things getting thrown at you. I liked some of the romance that happens because it's a nice change from all the darkness.I don't know if I want to try the second book in the series or not. I thought this was okay. It reminded me an awful lot like Samantha Young's "Warriors of Ahkn" series, but I liked "Warriors of Ahkn" much better. That's not to say this wasn't a fun read, it just lacked the magic of the other series. Perhaps, if I hadn't read Young's series first, this one would be more unique. But generally, this book is pretty stereotypical of YA paranormal romance novels.The main character, Samantha, is okay. She's the generic YA heroine--quiet, good student, bit of a tomboy, but apparently hot and doesn't know it, and has no life or interests outside of kissing her hunky boyfriend (or wannabe boyfriend) and a best friend who is bubbly, hot, and a flirt. The hero, Bishop, is a generic YA hero--broody with a dark past, but is on the side of good with just a hint of danger and treats her like a jerk for most of the book. The other part of the love triangle, Kraven, who is the demon who uses charisma and sarcasm to hide the depth of his feelings and the goodness that is quietly lurking behind his devilish exterior. They're all pretty standard and the boys (who are brothers, of course) have a complicated history together that is hinted at, but not addressed.The book is a decent read. Nothing terribly unique about it. Like I said, the plot is a lot like "Warriors of Ahkn", but with less depth and more bland characters. I'm debating about reading the next book. Not because it's bad, it's just bland and cliché. If you haven't read a book like this before, it would probably be more exciting and interesting, but I thought the world's mythology a little garbled and overly complicated (including a seemingly meaningless sucking vortex that takes away the bodies of dead supernaturals...I'm still not sure what it's purpose is because if the person is already dead, why do they need to get sucked in and if they're not they can apparently escape it later). And there are a few issues with continuity. (SPOILER) Such as the fact that these angels and demons come to work together to rid the world of this new evil that threatens both sides and when they come to earth they can't remember anything until there is some ritual that involves killing the person and them coming back in their immortal form. It really doesn't make a whole lot of sense and especially doesn't when you realize that the hero, Bishop, is the one finding them and restoring their memories by killing them, but he never had to be killed himself. Why would they need their mortal bodies killed and not his? And why would angels and demons even have mortal bodies? It's a bit nonsensical.

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didnt like it much it didnt make sense

Love this fun and cute sexy read!!!!

Really good!

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