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Remember When 2: The Sequel (2000)

Remember When 2: The Sequel (2000)

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About book Remember When 2: The Sequel (2000)

I didn’t think this series could get any better, but it really did and T. Torrest has totally caught my attention. With writing first about the nineties and now writing about what happens after college, the whole find yourself stage of life that we like to call our twenties. It’s an adventure that I’m happy to be on and I love me some Trip and Layla because the two of them spark my interest and I’m not getting enough of them right now. Kind of sad the next book is the last one in the trilogy but let’s focus on this one first. So we meet up with Layla again after college and now working in the real world trying to become a reporter at a small insert newspaper. But she’s having a hard time getting an in even if she is dating the boss. But that’s all beside the point because she finds out that after nine years Trip is in town and he can become her in to becoming the reporter she wants to be. Especially now that Trip is the up and coming it boy in movies. But this isn’t just a regular type of reunion, the two of them have something magical that they share and have always shared since the very beginning. I know that my heart dropped at the end of the first book and this book just added to that because my emotions were up and down.Throughout the whole book you couldn’t help but root for the two to finally get back together, but there was always something in the way. Or someone. Either way there was a lot of back and forth between the two of them and still you just want them to figure things out and go with it already. I love their relationship and I’m excited about them finding one another again. All the old characters are back in this book including her best friend Lisa who is definitely a great help for Layla, everyone needs someone to talk to and just let everything out. There are also some new people but still nothing surpasses Trip and Layla. There are some things that concern me about where Trip is going in his life but I’m hoping he will straighten himself out just a little bit, but then again Layla could use some realization as well.Overall this book was yet again an amazing read by this author and from this series and I’m off to read the final book (tear I’m going to miss them) and I’m hoping for some more great stuff and not another cliff hanger that makes me want to pick up the book right now. You definitely have to read this series, it’s worth every word. As soon as I finished Remember When I had to download the second part in this trilogy! Despite the lack of a cliffhanger, I was left feeling like it really lacked an ending, and I couldn’t wait to find out the rest of Trip and Layla’s story!In a lot of ways, I wasn’t disappointed! I loved hearing what they’d both been up to in the nearly ten years since we last saw these two! And I loved seeing what their lives had become – as usual? Layla is painfully normal, which I love! She’s got an average job,where she probably could be farther along. She is engaged, and finally chasing her dream of becoming a journalist when she bumps back into Trip.Now here’s the thing. (And I gotta be honest, or it just wouldn't be a review!) I’m annoyed that everyone but Layla is on her to ditch her fiance in favor of Trip! I mean seriously – your friends haven’t met him? You haven’t told your dad you’re engaged? SERIOUS RED FLAGS!!! But, just like my issues with book 1? This can be explained away. She’s been forced to move on from Trip, and now? She is finally doing that. Sure, she doesn’t have the red hot romance with Devin she did with Trip – but she knows she needs to move on. So with that perspective? This flawed relationship is almost forgivable.That said? This one ends on a cliffhanger! So, I've downloaded book three and am going to go lock myself in my bedroom and (probably) stay up all night reading just to get to the end of their story! (Because I’m a sucker for high school sweethearts reuniting – after all, I married mine!)

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Decent. Not bad, but not my favorite book I've ever read. Was a bit boring at times.

4.5 HEARTBREAKING STARS!All the damn feels!! GAH.Definitely way better than book one.

Better than the first to the third...

It just broke my heart to pieces. Love Trip...

me at the end

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