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Regular Guy (2000)

Regular Guy (2000)

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REGUALR GUY by Sarah Weeks is a fiction book and it's told in 1st person. Guy Strang a 12 year old who is the main character in the 6th grade feels that he is very different from his parents.They act totally weird and really are like crazy, weird, outgoing parents. He thinks he was adopted or raised by wolves or switched with another child at birth. While he has straight brown hair his parents have red curled hair and both have eyesight problems while he has none. His bestfriend who is a boy named Buzz, gives him an idea to find out if they are his real parents because since he doesn't look exactly or nearly like his parents whatsoever he wants to find the truth. They try to find out who his real poaretns are by finding out the other kid that has his same birthday(who goes to the same school,was born in the same hospital and has the same birthday) They find out one kid with the same everything except the parents and his look. His name is Robert Smith it doesn't fit him they call him Bob-O...he has bad eyesight and has red curled hair while his parents both have good eyesight and straight brown hair.Sound Strange? So he meets up with this "weird" kid in the 6th grade with them and he tells him what he thinks and they make up a plan as aa homework to see what happens and find out if they are really with the wrong parents. They tell their parents that it's a homework assignment to walk in each other shoes and live with the others family for the weekend.What he finds out is that Bob-O's parents are actually noy normal they are way quiet and peaceful which is boring because they never spend time with their kid.....that's why Bob-O acts strange because he has noone at home to be there for him. All weekend Bob-O's parents was work around the house silently and read magazines for their spare time. Nothing to do with a kid. On the other hand he really started missing his parents. While he always wanted normal parents and not his parents because they are weird he really wanted to be at home with his parents. Bob-O is having alot of fun because Guy's parents are always their for him and they are also fun because everything they do is fun....which for the first time in Bob-O's life he is relaxed with them. Their parents find out that this is not a homework assignment and confront Guy....He explains everything to them and Bob-O's parents. Guy's mom tell them and shows them things to show that they are really with the real parents. Guy is glad becuase he missed his REAL parents! yes, the weird looking bad eyesight, and red curled hair are his parents. Bob-O who was the lonley kid started hanging out with Buzz and Guy after that day and became friends. Guy is glad that he is home and is sorry that he could've ever doubted his crazy parents. This book is really good. The author was great at writing and telling this story. From the begginig to the end it kept me interested. I could feel exactly all the emotions all the characters were feeling. I think she wrote this book because maybe to show that sometimes kids think things that are true and also to entertain us with this story. I gave this booka 5 out of 5 stars because it caught me by surprise out the end because i thought his parents weren't really his parents and that he did accidently did get switched at birth. But it was good because the ending was good i wouldv'e felt the same way also this book was understanding, interesting and very entertaining.I would recommend this book to anybody.

Meet Guy Strang, I regular guy with very strange parents. Go with him on his search to find out if he was really switched at birth. Are Bob-o's parents his real parents? Is he really just trying to find himself? Did his mom kill Bob-o? Find out it this relate able book about a young boy who is trying to find his true identity. This book is great to teach others that it is okay to ask questions. If you are unsure of something, just ask. If you make crazy assumptions, it will probably end up hurting you more than anyone else.

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A Chewy, Sweet Center With A Sour CoatingGuy Strang, who is a regular, well, guy, has profoundly weird and wacky parents. Bob-o, Guy's classmate, is a deeply odd kid, who has absolutely normal parents. When Guy becomes fed up with his parents, and then finds out that he and Bob-o were born on the same day in the same hospital, Guy becomes obsessed with the idea that he and Bob-o were switched at birth, and plots to undo this tragic switch.Now, that's a fine premise and it lends itself to all sorts of hijinks, but the author's approach is particularly interesting.I almost gave up on this book a quarter of the way in. Guy whines and moans relentlessly about how weird and annoying his parents are. Some of his whinging is clever and sharply observed, but it starts to get so over the top that it becomes wearing. Along the same lines, the description of Bob-o as a completely worthless, smelly, mumbling loser runs right up to the edge of charmless and mean.Luckily, the book shifts gears once those two points have been hammered home. It lightens up, gets a lot more interesting, drifts into some slapstick, and then builds to an amusing, upbeat and actually touching conclusion.SPOILERS: Once Guy engineers a temporary swap of families, (as a supposed school project), and has to live in Bob-o's shoes he begins to understand about where, exactly, the grass really is greenest. There are a number of touching conversations between Guy and Bob-o and between Guy and his parents, and everyone emerges wiser, better, and more appealing by the end. SPOILERS OVER.There are some truly funny moments and set pieces in this book. Guy's exchanges with his acerbic best friend Buzz are particularly clever, and some stand alone scenes, (like a joint family picnic), are very nicely constructed. The development of Guy's understanding of family, and the growth of the Bob-o character are both rewarding and satisfying, although never approached in a heavy-handed way. The author seemed to back off and just let the story coast to a happy ending, which felt like just the right choice.So, it's funny, it grows on you, and it wraps up in a very satisfying manner. A very nice find.Please note that I found this book while browsing in our local library. I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book.
—Pop Bop

Guy is a twelve year old boy whose parents are quite eccentric. He thinks that he can't really be their son as he does not have these eccentric tendencies. He and his friend, Buzz discover that Bob-o, the weirdest boy in their class has the same birthday as Guy and was born at the same hospital. Guy and Buzz are sure that the boys got mixed up in the hospital and go about trying to prove this. Although I liked the idea for this story, I thought that it was a bit far fetched. Guy's parents are eccentric beyond belief and Bob-o's parents are so extremely dull. It just didn't ring true for me at all.

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