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Redwood Bend (2012)

Redwood Bend (2012)

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Another homerun by Robyn Carr. Usually when she keeps the regular Virgin River residents too far on the outside of the story I don't like the story as much, but this book was an exception to that rule. We still see Jack, Mel, Preacher and a few of the others. Just not very often and they are not too involved with the story. I loved the characters of Katie and Dylan so much it didn't matter to me this time.I must admit I was waiting and waiting (and waiting) for Murial to come up at some point. That was delayed longer than I would have liked. But that wasn't really a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Katie has such a strong, sassy personality. Yet she didn't come across as a hard-nosed jerk or anything. I could still see her tender heart through it all. And Dylan is so fragile at first, he just doesn't realize it - and that's part of his appeal.Jack always tells guys that Virgin River has a way of drastically changing a man. I think his cabin is even more magical than the town. Some of my favorite stories have come from that cabin. This is Virgin River #18. Now that her brother Conner is safe after the trial he had to testify in is over. Katie can leave Vermont behind. She's decided to take the twins to Disney World and then join Conner and Leslie in Virgin River. As she is almost to town, she gets a flat tire. And just her luck it's started to rain. There is no cell service in the mountains. She tries to get the lug nuts off the tire but she can't. Then a bunch of motorcyclists see her. She hopes they are the nice kind. The men help her out. One of them is gorgeous and then she recognises him. Dylan Childress - he was a child star with a reputation. He has not been in Hollywood for years.Then Katie runs into him the next day at Jack's. It turns out that Conner know one of the men. She thanks them again for the help. Dylan is taken with her but he is not the relationship kind of person. His family was all messed up. Both of his parents were married many times and he has so many step and half siblings because of it.Dylan finds out where Katie and the boys are staying and goes to visit her. They talk for a bit and she does not let him know that she know who he is. She mentions that the last man she was seeing never even kissed her. She neglected to tell Dylan that she found out the man was gay. Dylan gives Katie and staggering kiss before he takes off. That was the beginning of a fling for the both of them. But will a fling be enough?I really liked this book a lot. The dialog between Katie and the twins was great. I loved how Katie made Dylan complete.

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Another awesome Virgin River Book....

Great love story, fiction novel.

I loved this one!

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