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Red Sky In The Morning (2004)

Red Sky in the Morning (2004)

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About book Red Sky In The Morning (2004)

Rating: 3.5 - 4 stars.This book had suspense running through it from start to finish. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it, because I had purchased it from an online bookshop for a bargain price, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was my first novel by Margaret Dickinson but it won't be my last. It was a well written story. The first half of the book took place just after War World II (1946). A teenage girl (17yrs old) Anna, was standing in a market place near Lincolnshire, England, alone, cold, soaking wet and pregnant. A kind local farmer Eddie felt sorry for the lass and took her back to his farm, which he shared with his wife Bertha and his 10 year old son Tony.Eddie and Tony showed concern, kindness and love towards Anna, but Eddie's wife Bertha was full of contempt and jealousy, believing that Anna's baby belonged to her husband. Eddie was not the baby's father but Anna would not reveal who the father was, nor how she came to be alone, pregnant and so fearful. Eddie housed Anna in a small cottage near his farm. She only intended to stay a short time then go as far away from Lincolshire as she could, but with Eddie's insistence, she ended up staying for over 15 years. She gave birth to a daughter Maisie, and kept herself and her daughter hidden away from people. Only a selected few people who Eddie trusted ever met Anna and Maisie. Eddie's close friend Pat was a caring nurse who helped Anna give birth to Maisie and became her closest friend. She persuaded Anna to allow Maisie to attend the local schools and be allowed to socialize a little.Eddie loved Anna like a daughter and was glad to have her around. She proved to be an excellent, experienced shepherdess, so she became useful around his farm. Helping Eddie was her way of repaying for his generosity and kindness. Tony grew up to be just like his father, gentle, kind and full of compassion. His mother Bertha tormented him by constantly poisoning his mind against Anna and Maisie. He started to believe that Maisie may have been his half sister afterall, and he became a tortured soul for some time, as his feelings for Maisie were not brotherly. His loyalties were constantly torn between his twisted mother and his kind father.For over 15 years Anna would still not reveal to anyone, not even her own daughter, why she shunned society and was so afraid. Then a devastating event revealed why Anna was so justifiably terrified. The book then launched into the second half of the story. It went back to 1939 when Anna was just 10 years old. The story revealed where Anna came from, what her family was like, who her friends were, and how she ended up emotionally scarred, frightened, alone and pregnant. Some parts of the story were somewhat predictable but overall, the story full of suspense.This was a really good book. Some of the characters were delightful, some were naïve, some were weak, and some were pure evil. I enjoyed this story very much, and although there were some sad moments, I was glad there was a happy ending.

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