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Reboot (2013)

Reboot (2013)

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0062217070 (ISBN13: 9780062217073)

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I thought that the book itself was boring. One reason that i thought this is because the plot of the book is usually in the same spot and it never changes.Another reason that i thought this was boring is because the book is more about emotions and the way that wren feels after she becomes a reboot and is also just talking about the other newbie reboot that she is stuck with to train overall i think the book wasn't really interesting.The way that the author put together the characters and also the setting just makes me not want to read it even more. I don't know where to start. My hopes for this were beyond high, so maybe that was my first mistake. But honestly, the first half of this was pretty great. Wren, One-seventy-eight, was this badass chick who killed people and liked it because she was great at it. She had one loosely called friend, and she liked it that way. She didn't care about sex. She didn't associate with people under her. She didn't have human emotions (or clearly just didn't give into them) because she had a job to do. It was refreshing to read about a girl who didn't think she was pretty BECAUSE SHE HAD BETTER THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT. This wasn't a girl who said she wasn't pretty because of her low self esteem. I LIKED THAT A LOT.Then all of a sudden, as soon as I was convinced things were going to just skyrocket into five star fandom it just nosedived. All of a sudden Wren cares about her roommate with such ferocity that she can't believe she didn't know that this girl was her bff! All of a sudden she's giggling like a school girl every time Callum, Twenty-two, looks at her with his silly little grin. With the amount that this girl blushes at this boy I am surprised she hadn't heated to such a high temperature by the end of the book that she was literally on fire. That would've been more entertaining than the ending I got.But I cannot discuss this ending before I discuss everything else in this book.I know I have said it before, and I will say it again here: I understand that in YA books there is almost always an element of love, big or small, that takes place. That's the game I signed up for when my brain decided that this was my favorite genre. And though Wren and Callum didn't immediately run into each others arms and rip off all of their clothes and start ravaging each other, this is a tale of insta love and I DID NOT EXPECT THAT. Why was I so caught off guard? Because their flirting was something I could dead with even though Wren was supposed to be some robot-zombie basically. And it took over half the book for them to kiss. I thought, that with such slow progression, that surely they'd have some form of self control. BUT NO. The only thing holding them back from fucking each other twenty-four-seven is the fact that she is self conscious about the nasty scars on her chest from her death. Seriously. How many fucking times can one person read "His lips brushed against mine" "He pulled me into his lap and wrapped his arms around me" "I never thought about sex before but now with Callum I mean I love him we kissed YESTERDAY THIS IS REAL" without wanting to stab their eyes out.You know what I also hate? A book that progresses at a relatively normal pace for about half of the book, and it’s finally kicking off and getting great. And then BAM! let’s travel around the woods for a few chapters, kissing each other, blushing at each other, giggling at each other, and ultimately wondering if you can just live in the trees and survive off of your ridiculous flirtatious attitudes for the rest of your lives. But then no, we must continue on, especially now that we only have about sixty pages left. And still have to break into HARC. And still have to free all of the Reboots. And still have to save Callum. No worries though, in TWENTY-FIVE pages ALL of that will happen AND they’ll travel over one hundred miles to safety! WAHOO!Seriously though. They prepared for some insane battle when joining with the Rebels and then they finally get to HARC and everything is a fucking breeze, just shooting people with tranq guns and living the fucking good life. Wren did get locked inside a glass room for about twenty seconds but then OH YEAH I HAVE A GODDAMN GUN. That was seriously the most interesting part. Callum got the antidote and then about two seconds later COLOR BLEEDS BACK INTO FACE (WHICH IS BULL SHIT BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL SUPPOSED TO BE PALE DUE TO ALL THE, YOU KNOW, D-E-A-T-H) and he's all I'm okay baby don't you even worry about me I'm my hot ass twenty-two self again and while we're on this shuttle with a ton of other Reboots I'm gonna kiss you a lot just to put on a little show and then maybe you can suck my dick, yeah?This book only got two stars because the beginning was solid. The story line and premise and thought process for this book are all legit. THe execution is sickening in the end though. I'm not sure how it happened, but it did. I'll take a break before reading Rebel, thanks.

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Great concept. Enjoyable characters. World building was very clear as well as the back story.

Po dlouhé době dystopie, která mě bavila od začátku až do konce...

Nicely written book. I look forward to reading more in the series

Not bad... Waiting to read second book.

2.5 stars

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