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Reason To Breathe (2000)

Reason to Breathe (2000)

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About book Reason To Breathe (2000)

I just finished reading Reason to Breathe, by Rebecca Donovan. This was by far, my favorite book! The plot was realistic fiction, so you could almost feel like you were a fly on the wall, watching as everything happened. The descriptions were great because you could visualize everything. I would recommend this book to my classmates, but it is young adult, and since the characters are in high school, the subjects can be very adultish. Although it was young-adult, it was still a very good book, and I definitely recommend it. Just a side note, Reason to Breathe is apart of The Breathing Series, which has 2 other books(Barely Breathing and Out Of Breath). This book is amazing. scratch that, amazing is underated for this book. There, are, no, words. Of how much i love this book. As john green/ Augustus waters said in the fault in our stars about an imperial affliction, " i wish i could make the book a person, take it to vegas, and marry it." This book is my life. I could write a book about this book. Actually thats what i am going to do right now. since this book is my life: OF COURSE IT IS MY FAVOURITE:and trust me, i've read a lot of books. this book makes me want to write. and so now: i do. What i love about this book: *I become the character in the book: and it makes me feel, and feel alive: like i'm not just existing:i am actually living.*i'm only under 15 (okay:heaps under 15). And i probably shouldn't have read the book. but i liked the title (i know:don't judge a book by its cover/title: but, i did, okay?) but it was amazing. In the first book: i thought she freaking died and started full on crying. I don't even cry.*it made me thankful for all the good things in my life.*i love evan. When i finished the book: i hit the realisation that he wasn't a real person, and i wasn't emma. Why can't people invent that people can go into books and become characters?*I think, if i was emma, and carol was like doing something bad to me, i would scream hell loud so people could hear and come to the house.#life*screw the drunk mother. Shes nice but a mean. *i couldn't put it down. literaly, even after i had finished i stared at the front and back cover for an hour

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Great book. Definitely some sad and disturbing parts but I couldn't stop reading it!

Drawn out, yet jumpy at the same time...The ending felt rushed...

I need to start the sequel new!

made me cry


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