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Raisin Rodriguez & The Big-Time Smooch (2007)

Raisin Rodriguez & the Big-Time Smooch (2007)

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1595141251 (ISBN13: 9781595141255)

About book Raisin Rodriguez & The Big-Time Smooch (2007)

Raisin is a seventh grader. Her mom remarried and she is new to her school because she just moved here. Raisin has online secret blogs where she changed every few weeks to update her sourroundings and to inform her two best friends Dia, and Claudia. when she met CJ Mullen she fell in love with him and decided to give her first kiss to him. This book reminds me of my past few years ago. It makes me feel old. After reading this book, it took me few minutes to reminisce my foretime. My favorite part of the book is when she talks about how she want to get CJ mullen's kiss and her feelings about it. If you want to know if she kissed him or not, you have to read to the end of the book without skipping a page. Reading this book it I know I would love this book in middle school because thinking back, it really shows how i felt back then.

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