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Questo Bacio Vada Al Mondo Intero (2010)

Questo bacio vada al mondo intero (2010)

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8817040746 (ISBN13: 9788817040747)

About book Questo Bacio Vada Al Mondo Intero (2010)

It took me quite a while to get in to it but once I did I was so glad that I'd persevered. The prose is beautiful, even lyrical in places. His style reminds me rather of John Banville's in that there is a crisp turn of phrase and a spareness to it but, in McCann, I feel there is more of a warmth towards his characters. If you read nothing else, read the chapter about Philippe Petit training for 'le coup' on a wire in a meadow: writing at its most honed. A master weaver ( of plot/characters/etc.).Here's an excerpt:The voice of Tillie H., an incarcerated hooker, contemplating suicide:"I ain't gonna whine either before or after I do it. Well, I guess there'd be no whining AFTER anyway. If you think of the world without people it's about the most perfect thing there ever is. It's all balanced and shit. But then comes the people, and they fuck it up. It's like you got Aretha Franklin in your bedroom and she;s just giving it her all, she's singing just for you, she's on fire, this is a special request from Tillie H., and then all of a sudden out pops Barry Manilow. from behind the curtains.At the end of the world they're gonna have cockroaches and Barry Manilow records."(sorry Barry.)

Do You like book Questo Bacio Vada Al Mondo Intero (2010)?

Stories beautifully woven together against the backdrop of a real life astonishing feat.

Beautiful writing, some subjects too gritty for my taste.

A novel everyone should take the time to read.

One of my favorite books.

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