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Protected By A SEAL (2015)

Protected by a SEAL (2015)

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Forced into an early retirement after injury while serving as a Navy SEAL, Rick Mann is bored of his day job and misses the action. Although he likes the private security firm, GAPS, that he started with his former teammates and best friends, Rick has yet to experience time in the field. So when GAPS is offered a job providing private security, Rick jumps at the chance to take the job without knowing any of the details.Sierra Cox works hard and respects her bosses, so she doesn’t want to have any time away from her job as an actress. However when it looks like Sierra’s stalker may want to harm her, GAPS insists she gets away for a while. Spending alone time with her sexy bodyguard, Sierra ponders the benefits of a fling with Rick.Overall, I enjoyed Protected by a SEAL, even more than I thought based on the blurb. I was worried that Rick and Sierra would spend a lot of time picking on the stereotype of the other. But other than some mild generalizations, each was respectful of the other's occupation, which made the story more pleasurable (although around the halfway point, Rick does start to refer to Sierra as “princess,” which annoyed me). However, the pair has wonderful chemistry, and I found myself cheering for them. And while it’s not a complex story, there is enough character development and plot to make it interesting.I did have one thing that really bothered me about the story. When the pair finally have sex, although it was hot and steamy, and the fact that he’s her bodyguard aside, Rick doesn’t bother using a condom. He made assumptions that frankly, were unprofessional and I felt went too far, which kind of ruined the scene for me.Apart from that instance, generally, the story flows well. The action and romance make for a quick and entertaining read. Like the previous stories in the series, Protected by a SEAL has more of an HFN (happily for now) ending than an HEA (happily ever after). Sierra and Rick’s romance isn't over, and it may never work, but for now it is sweet, sexy, and passionate. I have to take the story at face value and enjoy it for what it is, rather than think about the long-term. It’s tough because I wonder how will they ever make it work with her high-profile, high-demand job and his work in a different state. Putting my “what ifs” aside, Protected by a SEAL is worth the afternoon read, and it left me with the happies.My Rating: B, Liked ItOriginally posted at That's What I'm Talking AboutReview copy provided by author.

The next in the Hot SEALs novellas from Cat Johnson. Rich Mann has been feeling out of sorts with his dead-end job at the nuclear reactor and he'd just as soon face terrorists than another boring day. Instead he gets a Hollywood Starlet with a stalker after her. She doesn't take the threat seriously, and he can't fathom her need to be online all the time. Fortunately, a bullet or two finally convinces both of them there's more to their relationship than just lines and orders. Fun story and nice to know how Rick gets his HEA.

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Sierra Cox - Hollywood superstar is currently on location in Virginia...when she receives a disturbing letter with pictures of her - pictures of private moments. Moments where she thought she was alone.Her manager immediately hires a security team.Enter Rick Mann.The former SEAL has been bored with his life lately.He had to quit the teams because of a knee injury, and his security job at the nuclear plant is way too unexciting for the adrenaline junkie military man.But it's too soon to quit and join his buddies' GAPS Security company -he wants to wait until they have enough jobs for them all to work there full-time.But now that he has some days off, he's super excited to be handed a case.BODYGUARD!!He probably thought he'll get to protect some old and boring Washington senator or something like that - but nope - he'll get Hollywood royalty ☺They both pretty much hate each other on sight ☺But what would be the fun in falling in love if you didn't have to fight for it?WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO SIERRA & RICK??? WILL THE TWO OF THEM GET THEIR HEA???OR WILL THE STALKER KILL THEM ALL??? WILL THERE BE A CLIFFHANGER??I'm not telling you that of course ☺noo - no Cliffy - it's a standalone romance..__________________________This was another perfect book in this great SEAL-Romance series!!I am such a huge fan of everything Navy SEAL!!!!!Total fangirl!!!I pretty much read the book in one afternoon and I loved every second.It's funny and sexy and suspensy and it has LOTS of hot former and current Navy SEALs for us to drool over ☺ ☺ ☺ PROTECTED BY A SEAL was another perfect romantic suspense story in the Hot SEALs series! You’ll sooo want your own body to be guarded by Rick and his buddies after reading it! ☺ I WOULD SOOO LOVE IT if someone would make a movie/tv-series out of this series - just so we could stare and fangirl at hot SEALs all day long!!!!I'm ready now for the next hot SEAL ☺☺☺ LOVED BY A SEAL ♥
—✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰

Hot SEALS....that describes them!As with the rest of Cat Johnson's Hot SEALS series, Protected by a SEAL kept with the flow of the others. I enjoy these books, because while they are still ex-SEALs, and in the protection business, these books seem a bit lighter, and don't drag you into the dark as much. I realize the military is not in anyway a "light" job or duty and I've read some of the darker and heavier ones. It's so nice though to still be able to read about these special guys, but in a shorter and not necessarily as much dangerous type talk or situations. Not sure if that makes sense to anyone, but I loved the book and have enjoyed the series.In this one, Rick finally gets his chance to go on assignment for GAPS. He is called in as a bodyguard for an actress Sierra Cox, who is being sent private pictures of herself. Read and enjoy, as Ms. Johnson knows how to write these books!
—Ellen Anderson

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